Another year, another huge PAXAus!

CouchWarriors have been called upon once again to host the fighting game section of the Console Tournament area at PaxAus, running through all three days and hosting a wide variety of games to suit any gamer, new or old.

As usual, between tournament sets we are open for learn to play sessions and casual matches. So feel free to take a break between all those panels, cosplaying and indie games to come join in for some competitive fun! Winners for each tournament will receive a limited edition PAXAus medal!

Games Available:

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
Pokken Tournament
King of Fighters XIV
Super Smash Bros for WiiU
Street Fighter 5
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Direct link to the fighting game schedule can be found here.












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October Ranking Points Update

Every month at the CouchWarriors Ranking Battles, the results are tallied and at the end of the year, we’ll celebrate our most consistent placers with a top of table medal.

Here are the Top 3 in each game after October’s Ranbat.
Take a look at the Results Section for the full total.

Melee Points Smash 4 Points Project M Points
S.D 54 Earl 45 Tyler 74
DonB 32 Ghost 42 Splice 32
Splice 22 BIGBOSS 40 Corspecreate 30
SF5 Points DOA5U Points GGXrd Points
Toxy 42 Ebabil 30 Javi 22
Somniac 39 Bezerk 28 Julian 14
Reepuplzorg 23 Isaac 24 Feri 14

Ranking Battles Section

[Melb] CCH Fighting Game Casuals – October 22


The next CCH (Chris’ Club House) will be held at the RICHMOND Library at 3PM this Saturday for more casuals n’ chill.

Pyro’s KOFXIV League will be on hiatus this week because he is away.

Date: Saturday, October 22
Time: 3:00pm till late
Location: 415 Church St. Richmond (Richmond Library, right next to the East Richmond train station or take tram 70 down Swan St)
Entry Fee: $4 venue fee; anybody that brings either a monitor/console/laptop gets in for free.
Facebook Event Page here.
BYO: screens, consoles and sticks are all appreciated, even if they go unused. The more the merrier.

Pyro’s CCH KOFXIV league: The Prologue

-Swiss format FT3
-Starts at 4PM
-Two tiers T1 and T2

T1 Signup:
T2 Signup:

Tier 1 is your competitively driven players or veteran players, expect to be playing people that know what they’re doing and are looking to improve even more so. Tier 2 is your new to King of Fighters or I’ve only played it a handful of times. Expect that these players would be looking to get into the game and maybe one day make it to Tier 1. You may choose your own tier, if you think you’re a Tier 1 player, then enter T1 otherwise enter T2. If you’re stomping T2, you may be moved to T1.

Scoring: If you win your set 3-2, you’ll be awarded 3 points. If you’re the loser in this situtation, you’ll only earn 2 points. Effectively you accumulate score over how many games you win regardless of the overall set victory, so consistent attendance will help you here.

End of Season: There will be a prize for the highest number of points for each division, but there may be other prizes to be won should you show vast improvement or community spirit so don’t be discouraged from playing KOFXIV. Pyro will update you on exactly what we’re going to do as soon as he has a good idea.


CouchWarriors Annual General Meeting 2016

It’s time for the CouchWarriors AGM.

When: November 13 at 1PM

Where: 6 Davies St, Brunswick. Masonic Hall.

Facebook event page:

Since we are a non-for-profit organisation, we are required to run this every year and to give one month’s notice to board members and the public.

At the AGM we will discuss an agenda of the following:
-Review of events done this year such as BAM8, ranbats and convention activities
-Financial review
-Review of mission statement and strategies/plans moving forward
-Election of board members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Our secretary Rory Betteridge will add a detailed agenda based on last year’s AGM agenda soon.

Our AGM is open to the public, if you feel like you would like to be a part of CouchWarriors and to help out with tournaments and building up the fighting game community in Melbourne, please feel free to come along. Our scene is built on the passion and dedication of volunteers and organisers, we couldn’t do it without you guys.

The AGM will be held at 6-8 Davies Street, in the meeting room at the back of the Masonic Hall. (Basically the venue of our ranbats)

Hope to see you all there!

CouchWarriors October Ranbats – 15th and 22nd

CouchWarriors ranbats are back in October –  the traditional fighters + Melee ranbat will be on the 15th of OctoberAnd we have the Smash 4 + Rivals of Aether July Ranbat on the 22nd of October. This will also be the first time we run KOFXIV at our ranbats – the tournament starts at 2PM (The traditional fighters tournament was cancelled in September due to a double booking at the venue.)

Be sure to check which weekend coincides with the games that you play:

Dates: Saturday 15th and 22nd of October
Time: 10:00am – late
Location: 6 Davies St, Brunswick North, VIC 3056
Entry Fee: $10 plus tournaments

Official Facebook event pages and pre-registration: 

CW Traditional Fighters+Melee October Ranbat – Preregister by making a Smash.GG account and visit here to register.

CW Smash 4 October Ranbat – Preregister by making a Smash.GG account and visit here to register.