Tekken World Tour: Australian Contenders, Tekken Scene Trailer

Recently we announced Tekken World Tour coming to Australia and covered the top players from the international scene heading to Melbourne. Now, lets look at the top Australian players thanks to our Tekken TO, Abi Adegbola.

The main threats to the international from Australian soil come in the form of newly sponsored Kanga|ChandNY and Dee-On Grey. Both have won multiple Australian majors between them. Dee-On Grey has amassed a great amount of international experience travelling to various tournaments around the world and even placing top 16 at EVO 2016.

Dee-On Grey 

Among the many international events Dee-On has attended, most recently competed in the Tekken World Tour Korea Masters.

–          EVO 2016: top 16

–          Battle Arena Melbourne 9: 4th

–          OzHadou Nationals 14: 1st

–          OzHadou Nationals 15: 7th

–          EVO Japan 2018: 33rd

Keep careful note of that third place for ChandNY at BAM9.  Who were 1st and 2nd? Only world champion Korean players SAINT and JDCR!

–          OzHadou Nationals 13: 1st

–          Battle Arena Melbourne 9: 3rd

–          OzHadou Nationals 14: 5th

–          OzHadou Nationals 15: 13th


Aside from them there are plenty of other high level Australian talent, some who have gain international experience as well that are vying for the top spot such as Aken, 4LCH3M15T, Cuteguy, and many more.

The Tekken community is always hyped up and full of energy at events, so look forward to an awesome gathering and spectator experience. To get a feel for the community as they practice, take a look at this trailer from Phil Boquida of PHILMS produced at the latest CouchWarriors Ranking Battle

CouchWarriors 2017 Annual General Meeting

Date: October 1 Sunday
Time: 1PM-5PM
Venue: 6 Davies Street Library Room
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1748729842095423/

It’s time for the CouchWarriors Annual General Meeting.

CouchWarriors Mission Statement:

CouchWarriors is a non-for-profit association that was created in 2006 to help grow the Melbourne Fighting Game Community. We aim to do this by providing services and events for the community such as: creating welcoming spaces for new and veteran players to learn and play, running monthly ranking tournaments, hosting our national-level tournament Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM), and providing support and resources for companion events in the community.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is open to the public, if you feel like you would like to be a part of CouchWarriors and to help out with tournaments and building up the fighting game community in Melbourne, please feel free to come along. Our scene is built on the passion and dedication of volunteers and organisers.

CouchWarriors is an open, egalitarian group run by a committee formed of community members. Anyone is welcome to attend regular meetings and have input into the direction of events like BAM.


2017 Officer positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasure) are determined at Annual General Meeting via nomination/election. First Round of Nominations are to be received 2 weeks before event (Nominees can make themselves known in the CouchWarriors Committee private group, or email us at [email protected]).
Not renominating: Daniel “Spoony” Finegan as President.

At the AGM we will discuss an agenda of the following:
-Review of events done this year such as BAM9, ranbats and convention activities
-Financial review
-Review of mission statement and strategies/plans moving forward
-Election of board members
-Procedural review such as ranbat roster/setup
-Review of structure and roles

The secretary will add a detailed agenda based on last year’s AGM agenda soon.

The AGM will be held at 6-8 Davies Street, in the meeting room at the back of the Masonic Hall (Same as the venue of our ranbats, different room).

Hope to see you all there!

ARMS Community Night

Special CouchWarriors invite: Join Nintendo’s ARMS Community Night!
There will be food, drink, prizes and all the ARMS action you can swing a glove at!

When: Saturday September 9th at 9pm

Where: 338 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

Cost: Free! Just show this invite graphic on your phone.

Tekken 7 : New Challengers Tournament @ BAM9!


Introducing the Tekken 7 : New Challengers Tournament

The perfect opportunity for new players to experience and explore one of the greatest upcoming fighting game experiences.

Classic 1 vs 1 battles return along with new moves and battle mechanics like Rage Arts, Rage Drives and Power Crushes that make gameplay more accessible for players of all skill levels.

The new challengers tournament will be free to enter and there are plenty of prizes to be won.

Love, Revenge, Pride. Each one of us has a reason to fight.
There are no wrong motives, just the paths we choose to take.

When :
Tournament – Friday 12th of May – 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Casuals – All Weekend

Cost : 
Entry to the Tekken Area and Tournament Entry for New Challengers is complimentary


Thanks to Bandai Namco for supporting BAM9!



Battle Arena Melbourne 9 Cosplay Competition Announced!

We are pleased to announce Battle Arena Melbourne 9’s official cosplay competition! Join us in your best fighting game costume for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Not only is BAM Australia’s biggest fighting game event, it’s a gaming and esports festival, so we would like to invite everyone to appear in character!


There’s over $500 in cash and prizes for the Cosplay alone!  Plus, TOP 3 – Priority Pass to OzComicCon Melbourne 

Photography: On the floor of BAM9, we will have a special photo wall and photographer onsite, so there’ll be great shots to come from the event.

Cosplay Changerooms: There will be a dedicated space off-floor for Cosplayers to change.


Battle Arena Melbourne 9 Cosplay Competition

May 13-14


Cosplay registration:
Just register in person at the Registration Desk.

Event Entry: Only a spectator pass ($20 for weekend) is required.

Registration Ends 3:00PM Sunday
Pre Judging: Starts 4:00PM Sunday
Competition Starts 6:00PM Sunday

Plus Cosplay Parade Saturday (TIME TBC) with spot prizes

Fighting Game characters (Has appeared in a fighting game)


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Bays 1&2

Spectator pass – $20


TOP 3 – Priority Pass to OzComicCon Melbourne

1st Place $300 Cash

2nd place $150

3rd place $50


Share the Facebook Post Here

CouchWarriors 2016 End of Year Report

CouchWarriors AGM held at Brunswick Masonic Center, Sunday November 13, 2016

Attending Committee:

Darren Taing, Daniel Finegan (Spoony), Chee Seng Siow (Muttons), George Karakasidis, Aaron Borg (Borgie),  Javi, Daniel Chlebowczyk  (Berzerk), Sarah Morris, Emma Cameron, Anthony Albert Schweitzer Ducusin (Tones), David Lewis, Alex Scott, Will Smith, Lee Thomas Godwin (Light)

Apologies:  Jason O’Callahan, Kevin Kim (Burnout), Kris Staltare, Jack Gorman, Ignis, Rory Betteridge

New members: Emma Cameron


1: Introduction to attending CW Board:

2: Elections: committee positions

3: Financial Report

4: BAM8 (Battle Arena Melbourne)

5. 2016 CouchWarriors Ranbat Season

6: Outreach event

7. What the future holds?

8: THANK YOU to:

1: Introduction to attending CW Board:

  • Michael Thai “Javi”: Acting Treasurer, anime guy, pushing GG. Looks after bank accounts, signs off on expenditure. Drives van for BAM and CQ events.
  • Daniel Chlebowczyk “Berzerk”: Looks after 3D games (DOA) and VF. Previous president and always been doing PR and marketing. Works in game industries, passing on Sponsorship/PR manager role to Jason.
  • Sarah Morris: Smash TO. Does a lot of registration desk duty, ranking battle reports, “bouncer and stats”.
  • Emma Cameron: (New) Interested in learning more about the competitive FGC. AIE games programming studying. Graduate lawyer. Loves e-sports and sports, wants to see what we got.
  • Anthony Albert Schweitzer Ducusin “Tones”: Equipment manager, does stock takes and labelling and sorting. Makes sure things happen here, streamlines equipment and events and very interested in social media stuff.
  • David Lewis: Representing NGP+ a tv show that talks about video games and pop culture, long-time liaison with CW. Does trailers, stream stuff, graphics. NGP also looking at assisting with affiliation and sponsorship.
  • Darren Taing “Dreadtech”: Acting Vice-President. Head of all Smash, started volunteering for smash and started running the whole thing because everyone is too lazy. Main Smash GG liaison and chief Melee Guy.
  • Daniel Finegan “Spoony”: Acting President. Does a lot of SF stuff and is the main logistics/organisational guy behind ranbats and BAM. Usually ends up being BAM director. Handles scheduling, brackets, seedings, pre-registration. Also former secretary.
  • Chee Seng Siow “Muttons”: Runs CCH (fortnightly casuals FGC meetup), nags people a lot, produces lots of media pieces and does event posting/social media. Capcom TO and former secretary.
  • George Karakasidis: Take charge of convention stuff, helps out at events and CCH. Main Pokken TO. Former Moemall TO.
  • Aaron Borg “Borgie”: George’s right hand when it comes to convention stuff, DOA guy.
  • Alex Scott: Mostly Melee, helps Darren. Smash stuff, proactive on venue exploration. Great with marketing and strategy.
  • Lee Thomas Godwin: Known as “Light.” Started helping as TO in March with Smash 4. Works for Jack who works for Darren. Wants to be content manager for website.
  • Jack Gorman: Main Smash 4 TO and ranbat coordinator. Was in hospital so did not attend AGM. Ignis his main officer is not here. Runs Smash @ Swanston.

2. Elections: committee positions

President: Daniel Finegan “Spoony” (unanimous)

Vice President: Darren Taing “Dreadtech” (unanimous)

Treasurer: Michael Thai “Javi” (unanimous)

Secretary: Chee Seng Siow “Muttons” (unanimous) (Rory did not nominate this year)

Secretarial Understudy: Sarah Morris

Ranbat Coordinator: Sarah and Jack Gorman (Main Smash 4 TO)

Web Content Manager: Lee Thomas Godwin (Light)

Sponsorship/PR manager: Jason O’Callahan


General Committee:

  • Matthew Allsop “Ignis”
  • Gab Ferrada
  • Rory Betteridge
  • James Brewer “Brewtality”
  • George Karakasidis
  • Kris Staltare
  • Brendon Watson (Founder of CW)
  • Anthony Albert Schweitzer Ducusin “Tones”
  • Jason Lee Mustapic
  • Edison Phuc Nguyen
  • Kenneth Chan
  • Dom Hynes
  • Will Smith
  • Daniel Chlebowczyk
  • Kevin Burnout Kim
  • Attila Baranyay
  • Baraa Tebeileh
  • James Brewer “Brewtality”
  • Josh Southern “Jash”

For more information about CouchWarriors and to see our entire roster click here.

3. Financial Report

Overall in 2016, Couch Warriors has spent more money than we have received this year reducing our savings year-to-year. This is mainly due to all the assets we have invested into the community for it to grow.

Some examples of the gear that we have bought in 2016 for the community:

* All Smash 4 stream gear including a stream laptop

* All Melee with stream gear including a stream laptop

* Over 10 community monitors, 10 Wii Us, and additional PS4s

We are open to the public’s opinion on how to best spend money to help support and build the community & scene.

4. BAM8 (Battle Arena Melbourne) 8

  • Attendance: 800 in total 641 paying competitors
  • Concurrent Stream Viewers: >14,000
  • Total Stream Views: >130, 000
  • CPT Ranking Event
  • Held at CQ Functions, 113 Queen St, Melbourne


Main Games
Super Smash Bros 4 Singles/Teams Super Smash Bros Melee Singles/Teams Street Fighter V
Mortal Kombat X Ultra Street Fighter IV Guilty Gear Xrd
Dead or Alive 5 Blazblue: CPE Tekken 7
Side tournaments
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Free tournaments
Beyblade Pokken Tournament

For more information and results on BAM8 click here.

5. 2016 CouchWarriors Ranbat Season

  • February SFV Launch Ranbat at CQ attendance: 307
  • December End of Year Ranbat at CQ attendance: 257
  • Attendance: Average 210 people per monthly ranbat combining FGC+Melee ranbat and Smash 4 Ranbat.
  • Schedule: To remain the same in 2017, FGC+Melee ranbat on third Saturday of the month and Smash 4 on the fourth Saturday of the month.
  • Where: 6 Davies St, Brunswick.

For full 2016 CouchWarriors ranbat points and ranking click here.

6. Outreach events

  • Hosting Fighting Game section at PAX Aus all 3 days Nov 4-6
  • Running Video Gaming area at Animaga convention Aug 27-28
  • Hosting Fighting Game casuals and tournaments at OzcomicCon OCC Gaming area June 11-12
  • Ran Pokken Tournament at Pokemon Nationals in collaboration with NewGame+ and Nintendo Australia July 2-3
  • Supporting Over9k tournaments run by Chris Ho
  • Supporting community event “CCH” with social media marketing

7. What the future holds?

  • Big BAM 9 information coming soon (May 2017)
  • CouchWarriors Ten Year Anniversary!
  • More information on Ranbat End-of-Season prizes and monthly Ranbat door prizes/giveaways
  • More outreach and events especially to support new games coming out in 2017 like Tekken 7.

8. THANK YOU to:

  • New Game Plus
  • “Spidercarnage”
  • Andrew J. Walton
  • Duong Thieu Nguyen “ZGnoud”
  • Youssef Faddoul “FayD”
  • Steve from Namco Bamdai
  • Jason Lee Mustapic “Duon”
  • Yehya El-Liessy “Yehya”
  • Finn Jamieson “Haiku”
  • Charmaine Tan “Gossip girl”
  • Xavier Harding “Revax”
  • Matt “Danog” Joyce
  • Vincent  “Forte” Lim
  • David “Dekar” Moore
  • Dylan “SNC” Lake
  • Cailan Kingsbury
  • Azri Johari
  • Daniel Di Battista “DD”
  • Dean Eddy
  • Abi Ji
  • Dayne Crawley
  • Darcy Higgins
  • Kyle Jensen
  • Izzago Dearnaley
  • Kris Dabrowski
  • Alex Mitchell-Dawson
  • Josh Southern
  • Callum Diamond
  • Chris Ho
  • Harold Arquiza
  • David Lee “Kyokugen”
  • Tom Lee of Team Ninja
  • Bradley D-Yoshii Jolly
  • Steven Nguyen “Xarv”
  • Andrew Pettigrew “VITRIOL the Demonslayer”
  • PAX AUS team
  • Animaga team


A BIG THANK YOU to all our volunteers, helpers and friendly people! We love you and everything we do is not possible without your generosity and support.


Written by a scrub.



Another year, another huge PAXAus!

CouchWarriors have been called upon once again to host the fighting game section of the Console Tournament area at PaxAus, running through all three days and hosting a wide variety of games to suit any gamer, new or old.

As usual, between tournament sets we are open for learn to play sessions and casual matches. So feel free to take a break between all those panels, cosplaying and indie games to come join in for some competitive fun! Winners for each tournament will receive a limited edition PAXAus medal!

Games Available:

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
Pokken Tournament
King of Fighters XIV
Super Smash Bros for WiiU
Street Fighter 5
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Direct link to the fighting game schedule can be found here.












Read more

CouchWarriors Annual General Meeting 2016

It’s time for the CouchWarriors AGM.

When: November 13 at 1PM

Where: 6 Davies St, Brunswick. Masonic Hall.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1779256145696803/

Since we are a non-for-profit organisation, we are required to run this every year and to give one month’s notice to board members and the public.

At the AGM we will discuss an agenda of the following:
-Review of events done this year such as BAM8, ranbats and convention activities
-Financial review
-Review of mission statement and strategies/plans moving forward
-Election of board members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Our secretary Rory Betteridge will add a detailed agenda based on last year’s AGM agenda soon.

Our AGM is open to the public, if you feel like you would like to be a part of CouchWarriors and to help out with tournaments and building up the fighting game community in Melbourne, please feel free to come along. Our scene is built on the passion and dedication of volunteers and organisers, we couldn’t do it without you guys.

The AGM will be held at 6-8 Davies Street, in the meeting room at the back of the Masonic Hall. (Basically the venue of our ranbats)

Hope to see you all there!


Big news for all you Pokken Tournament fans!

pokken posterWe’re incredibly excited to announce that CouchWarriors, in collaboration with Nintendo Australia and NewGamePlus, will be running the Pokken Tournament gaming area along side this year’s Pokemon VGC Nationals event.

We’ll be hosting casual matches throughout the event, then opening up registration for a double elimination tournament on the Sunday (July 3rd).

Tournament registration opens at 12:30pm and the tournament itself will start at 2:00pm, with the winner taking home some prizes supplied by Nintendo!


Winner Stays On – Limit to 3 wins in a row (Then allow two new players on).

Freeplay is only allowed on systems that are not being used for tournament.


In-depth Pokken Tournament game rules can be found here.

Capped 32 man double elimination bracket (If demand is high, a 64 player bracket will be made instead). Please allows for upto 2 hours for a 32 man tournament. If you are unable to stay to play your matches please notify the TO.

Players may use their own controllers, but must remember to desync their wireless controllers between games. Match penalties may apply if an owners wireless controller disrupts another station. WiiU pads will be supplied for free use.

Players may remap their controller settings, but are limited to 30 seconds and may not remap once a game has started.

Basic Ruleset:

  • Matches will be best 2 out of 3 games (First to 2 wins).
  • Only the losing player of the match may swap Pokemon between rounds.
  • Support Pokemon and Cheer skills may be changed by both players between rounds.
  • You may request a “Blind Pick” for your first game of the match.
  • 60 second time limit for Pokemon, Support Pokemon and Cheer skill selection.
  • 10 second time limit for Support Pokemon selection while in-game.
  • Round time is set to default 80 seconds.
  • All Pokemon are legal. Random is legal.
  • All Supports are legal. Random Support is legal.
  • All Cheer skills are legal.
  • Stage is always set to “Ferrum Stadium”.
  • Skill Level and Player Data must be set to OFF and NO accordingly.


At any given time (for a game not currently being run as a tournament), you may ask our friendly CouchWarriors staff members for a basic ‘learn to play’ session to move onwards from button mashing to a competitive playstyle and mindset!


Entry Cost: Free!!!

When: 2nd & 3rd of July

Where: Melbourne Park Function Centre (Next to the Rod Laver Arena)


ProTour_2016_Logo_ASIA_ Small


CouchWarriors logo ozhadou logo


FEBRUARY 10, 2016 – Today Capcom, ahead of launching Street Fighter V, announced its Capcom Pro Tour event circuit.  CouchWarriors’ eighth annual Battle Arena Melbourne, Australia’s largest competitive fighting game event, and the fourteenth OzHadou Nationals (Sydney), Australia’s longest running competitive fighting game event, will both be Ranking Events on the international esports series, the Capcom Pro Tour, putting Australia’s best fighting game players in the global spotlight.

By earning Ranking Points at BAM8, OHN14 and other Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Events, competitors can qualify for a place in the prestigious Capcom Cup Finals at the end of the year. In addition, winners of Street Fighter V at each event will be sent to the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals in South Korea; the winner of this CPT Premier event will earn a direct qualification to the Capcom Cup Finals.

The Capcom Cup, in its fourth year, has showcased the best of the best in Street Fighter, with past champions including renowned players Naoto Sako, Yusuke Momochi and “Kazunoko” Ryota Inoue. All three have made appearances in Australia before, so only time will tell what sort of international talent the promise of CPT ranking points might bring to Melbourne and Sydney this year, and which local champions will rise up to challenge the best in the world.

If you’re looking for your own piece of the action, you can register for Battle Arena Melbourne 8, to be held at CQ Functions in Melbourne on May 13-15, and look forward to news regarding OzHadou Nationals 14 in Sydney, closer to its date of August 26-28.  

As part of the wider Australian fighting game community, both CouchWarriors and OzHadou strive to make new players welcome, and host a range of events for players to enjoy and level up their game.

cpt blog banner

About CouchWarriors:  CouchWarriors Inc. is a not for profit association created to energise the fighting game community. Starting in 2006 as an informal community group, it created an event series for social play and ranking battles which serves as the heart of the Melbourne scene. The project has blossomed into large events like the major annual, Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM), providing tournament services, support and resources for industry including major events such as PAX Australia, and ongoing support to community companion events.


About OzHadou:  OzHadou is a group passionate about bringing together fighting gamers throughout Australia. Since its founding in 2001, OzHadou has been establishing connections between fighting gamers nationwide. As the chief fighting game body in Sydney, the OzHadou team has developed extensive tournament experience which culminates annually in the OzHadou Nationals (OHN), Australia’s first and longest running fighting game major, where the nation’s best gather to compete for the coveted title of “OHN champion”.


For more information:

[email protected]                     [email protected]

www.couchwarriors.org                     www.ozhadou.net

www.facebook.com/couchwarriors           www.facebook.com/ozhadou

www.twitter.com/couchwarriors               www.twitter.com/ozhadou

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