Street Fighter V at CouchWarriors Coverage

With our first chance to play SFV at CouchWarriors Ranbat for August last weekend, many in the community had their first hands on with the game.  Here are a couple of the photos from our Facebook page on the day.  Read on for impressions and video!

Getting the chance to play on on one with live opponents in the gamescom build of the game was a great chance for community to get a feel for the upcoming game.  The reactions have been generally very positive, and players are looking forward to the game.

CouchWarriors member and avid youtuber, Kevin “Burnout” Kim did a great job at pulling together some analysis of changes between the online beta version, which received coverage on

Check out the videos below and look for more community impressions and video from the event soon!

July 2015 Monthly Ranking Battles points updated

Every month at the CouchWarriors Ranking Battles, the results are tallied and at the end of the year, we’ll celebrate our most consistent placers with a top of table medal.

See how players in each game are faring – take a look at the Results Section for the latest total rankings table.

In short, our current leaders are:

Melee Points Smash 4 Points Project M Points
SD 40 Earl 44 SD 36
Redact 32 Viva 27 Redact 30
Dekar 26 Jei 19 Moxie 22
USF4 points MKX points DOA5U points GGXrd points
Toxy 58 Geoffbedlam 18 Ebabil 48 Scalora 38
Burnout 26 Pan1cmode 12 Berzerk 36 Javi 36
Hoppa 18 GoogiePLZ 10 Touko 28 Feri 22

Join us for our next event on August 22 for fun casuals and perhaps to add your name to the ongoing tallies!

August Ranbat Facebook Event

Ranking Battles Section

Battle Arena Melbourne 7 Tournament Results and Videos

Battle Arena Melbourne 7 was the largest Fighting Game event on record in Australia, with 628 attendees, and competitors playing for fun and vying for glory, cash, prizes and a coveted BAM trophy or Medal across 16 events.  The chance to get together with fellow players in a big community with the excitement and atmosphere of a big tournament makes for a lasting experience.  We’re excited to share the results and videos with you.

There is also fantastic BAM7 Photo gallery on Facebook, including the Friday night Dinner and Cosplay events.


smashinternational yelizcosplay

We had over 8 international guests hosted by the event and community, with some additional visitors besides.  Including Perfect Legend (MKX, DOA5LR, KI, USF4) and a host of amazing guests in Super Smash Bros Melee, including Mango, Leffen, Lucky, Wife, Hugs, S2J, ChillinDude and Alex19

Brackets for most games found on the CouchWarriors’ Challonge page and Smash Challonge brackets are posted here.

You can find the results with embedded finals videos below.  Replays start here Read more

BAM7 Pools are up!



Smash pools:

Melee Singles 1
Melee Singles 2
Melee Doubles
Smash 4 Singles
Smash 4 Doubles


For Ultra SFIV, MKX, UMVC3, KOFXIII, DOA5, VF, Skullgirls, KI, ST, GGX:


Brackets will be found over the weekend at:

December 2014 Final Ranking Battle Results and Points Tally

The December Ranking Battle results are in!  We had an amazing turnout of 115 attendees.  The Ranking results are added below.  We will update soon with the Smash Bros results.

Ranking season medals were awarded to the top points getters in Smash 4, Smash Melee, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

There were some great finals prizes given away thanks to Benq, Madman, Five Star Games and Mindscape Games. Plus thanks to Mindscape and Tecmo Koei we had a preview play of the new Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. What a packed event!

Enjoy this wrapup video from New Game Plus

See you all in 2014. Ranking battle season starts January 24th, 2015.

The ongoing Results Tally board has been updated below.

Points earned by players are based on the following system: Read more

November Ranking Battle Results and Tally

The November Ranking Battle results are in!  We had a great showing with 87 attendees.  The Ranking results from Ultra Street Fighter 4, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown are added below.  We also have a link back to the ongoing Smash Bros results.

The ongoing Results Tally board has been updated below.  The scene is set for a few possible upsets at the top of these lists at the Final Ranbat on December 14!

Points earned by players are based on the following system: Read more

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