Remember to Register early for BAM10! Platinum level tournaments rego will cut off strictly on May 13. The clock is ticking and you don’t want to miss what’s in store.

This includes SFV, Tekken, DBFZ and ALL Smash tournaments. This allows us to provide a better tournament experience, particularly as these games all start Saturday morning.  Make sure you have your registration in and don’t let your friends let it slide!

Capcom Pro Tour, Tekken World Tour, the first major Dragon Ball FighterZ event in Australia, plus Armada for Melee and the biggest Smash4 event yet, it’s all on the line.

Venue registration is still only $50 but goes up to $60 on May 6, and $70 on May 18 (day of BAM10). However, you will NOT be able to register for the above games.  All other games (Gold and Silver) will allow registration up to an hour before.

Full event info

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CouchWarriors February 2018 Ranking Battle Results

February’s ranbats are in the books. 183 fighters competed across a variety of games who all competed to see who could be the best. The main event for this month was our first tournament for Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ much hyped new title “Dragon Ball FighterZ”.

View the full brackets on Smash GG for FGC + Melee here and Smash4/ROA here.

See below for the current year rankings to date.  Read on after the break for this month’s winners.


SF5 Points Tekken7 Points DOA5LR Points GGXrd Points
Syo  14  GoBack Brownman  16  CWBerzerk 18  Javi  20
Burnout 10  DaBeast  12  AlexMD  14  Ashxu  16
Rupps  10  Chandny  10  Ebabil  10  Tomo009  10
 Zed  10  Bboy Phoenix  8 Robdawg & Borgieman  6  Julian  6
Melee Points Sm4sh Points Dragon Ball FighterZ Points UNIST Points
 LGCDonB  12  VS.DS Extra  20  Tomo 10  Tomo9  16
 Dekar  10  MASH Duon  8  Burnout 8  Julian  10
 Skeleduck  10  EBS DD  8  DaBeast 6  Haiku  10
 Wibbless  8  Ignis  8  Tana93  4  Spoony  10
Injustice2 Points ProjectM Points
 Razaprime  10  Tyler  18
 Tana93  8  Dekar  12
 Kdeee-10  6  Bubby  10
 TungSucc  4  Fess & Microsoft J  10

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BAM10 SILVER (DIY) Tournament Applications now Open

We are looking for enthusiastic organisers to nominate games for Silver and DIY tournaments at #BAM10. Are you ready to step up to run a tournament for your community?


Tournaments at BAM10 will be in three categories:
  • Platinum – Trophy and Premium Stage Time
  • Gold – Trophy
  • Silver – Medal

More tournaments are to be announced!

For More information or to Register for BAM10 click here

September and October ’17 Ranking Points Update

Every month at the CouchWarriors Ranking Battles, the results are tallied. At the end of the year, we’ll celebrate our most consistent placers with a top of table medal.

Here are the Top 3 in each game after September and October’s Ranbats.
Take a look at the Results Section for the full total.

Photos from the October ranbat are below the table.

Smash64 Points Melee Points Sm4sh Points ProjectM Points
Pete 54 Dekar 50 Extra 64 Tyler 80
Mitch 42 Fess 34 Jdizzle 30 Nido 56
Indefa 42 Saucy 32 Duon 25 Dekar 38
SF5 Points USF4 Points DOA5U Points GGXrd Points
Somniac 68 Sketch 28 Berzerk 66 Feri 72
Zed 54 Somniac 16 AlexMD 54 Javi 62
Reepuplzorg 44 Repuplzorg 14 Robdawgg 32 Julian 30
Tekken7 Points MvC:I Points RoA Points
Bboy Phoenix 35 Toxy 20 SNC 78
Daniel 22 FknBun 8 Neeson 48
Chandy 20 Burnoutfighter 8 Osu 26

Ranking Battles Section

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Doing our part to support PAXAus for yet another year! Read on for our console tournament schedule, but let us share the other awesome activity around the show:


What Makes a Fighting Game Good?

Featuring CouchWarriors and Ozhadou Community members! 6pm Friday, Gamespot Theatre

CouchWarriors: 10 Years Building a Gaming Community 9pm Friday, Kookaburra Theatre

Tournament Stages

CouchWarriors team members are helping run these tournament stages:

Throwdown Street Fighter V with Red Bull

Throwdown Esports $16K Street Fighter V tournament at PAX Aus: CouchWarriors Supporting

Injustice 2 with ESL Australia and 18point2

INJUSTICE 2 Major PAXAUS Tournament: $20K Prize pool. CouchWarriors supporting

Console Tournament Area:

CouchWarriors have been called upon once again to host the fighting game section of the Console Tournament area at PaxAus, running through all three days and hosting a wide variety of games to suit any gamer, new or old.

As usual, between tournament sets we are open for learn to play sessions and casual matches. So feel free to take a break between all those panels, cosplaying and indie games to come join in for some competitive fun!

Winners for each tournament will receive a limited edition PAXAus medal!

Direct link to our schedule can be found here.

Games Available:

Street Fighter 5
Tekken 7
Injustice 2
Super Smash Bros for WiiU
Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

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