BAM Path To EVO with Twitch

Twitch and CouchWarriors have announced the BAM Path to EVO! Building on the support for BAM10 in 2018 which saw three players sent to EVO World Championships in Las Vegas, you can join the path now for 2019!

This will be a special tie in Ranking Series across offline tournaments across Australia and New Zealand, and in upcoming online events.

Each event will be live streamed and feature front page promotion in ANZ.

And at the end of the path, three more players will rise to the top and represent Australia at EVO World Championships 2019.

Every month as events conclude you can follow the player rankings on a central points ladder. The ladder can be found at

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The objective

We aim to provide additional opportunities for players around Australia and New Zealand’s fighting game communities (FGC) to play in a lead in series to BAM11.

This will produce a clear cut top ANZ player, decided at BAM11, to go to EVO 2019.

The Ranking Series will support regular local offline events and supplementary online play through the season to encourage community play and streaming on Twitch of fighting game events across the year.


  • Street Fighter V
  • Tekken 7
  • Super Smash Bros 4Wiiu (Ultimate after December release)

Community Partners

  • CouchWarriors
  • Ozhadou
  • Standing Fierce

The events and where to watch – September

Point System


1st – 10

2nd – 8

3rd – 6

4th – 4

5th – 2

5th – 2

7th – 1

7th – 1


1st – 5

2nd – 4

3rd – 3

4th – 1





How to join the series as a player

Simply join any of the above events. To help the team tally up your points and not miss any points, make sure you keep your name consistent each event’s or other tournament platform listing when you play!


How to partner

Watch this space – contact [email protected] for enquiries.