Battle Arena Melbourne 11: Artist Applications


Battle Arena Melbourne 11 will continue our tradition of opening up the Artist Alley to a wide array of talented artistic creators to showcase and sell their art to a passionate community of gamers, competitors and spectators alike.

If you are interested in presenting your art at BAM11, please read below to see how you can apply.


Application and Conditions

All Artists will be given access to a single 1.8 meter table with a tablecloth, two chairs, electricity and internet provided. A backboard to display your art prints and marketing materials will also be present behind your table to utilize (please note, mounting supplies such as pins, blutack and clips will NOT be provided by CouchWarriors). The space is located in the center of the venue, giving maximum exposure to all of your fantastic art pieces!

Due to space limitations, not every applicant can be accepted.
If your application is accepted, you will be notified 7 days after the application process is closed.

All tables will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, with six tables available for the duration of the event.

If accepted, you may operate your both during the following times:

Friday: 4pm til close
Saturday: 9am til close
Sunday: 9am til close

Sale Limitations and Event Guidelines.

  • You cannot sell food or consumables at your table.
  • Please don’t sell weapons or metal made stuffs that can be counted as a weapon. Jewelry and Pins are fine, of course.
  • Please don’t bootleg clothes, textiles, plushies or toys.
  • You can only sell art you made yourself, or had a part in making and are allowed to sell. No 3rd party produced materials or commercially made items and pieces, please.
  • Sexually explicit materials you sell must be bagged and properly censored when advertising. All such materials must also be submitted for review before being sold.
  • The CouchWarriors Committee takes copyright infringement very seriously. Do NOT sell plagiarized materials!
  • Artists that fail to comply with these conditions will be asked to leave, will not have their payment refunded and will be denied acceptance to future events.

Promotion and other Benefits. 
We will be advertising all of our artists via our website and social media through the course of our promotion, as well as a final thank you and appreciation posts after we’re all finished up.

We appreciate all of the artists that donate their time and talent to our event so it is only fair. We will also link back to your preferred portfolio. (To be discussed in the application as well as leading up to the event).

Along with the provided infrastructure and space, you are also free to provide your own tablecloths, self-made build outs, staging and props. (Be sensible, of course. We can do cardboard cutouts and Christmas lights but probably not your 4×4 meter masterpieces).

We will also have a staff snack room to keep your energy up, and I’m sure if you ask nicely, your client liaison can go fetch a piece of fruit or chocolate for you if you’re working hardcore.

Further information such as set up and pack down times will be confirmed closer to the event for successful applicants.

If you wish to apply, please fill out the form



Single Table (1.8m): $150

All prices include exhibiting rights for all three days, power, internet, the table and a backboard for displaying art and marketing.

For any further questions or inquires, please email the CouchWarrriors team at: [email protected]

We are looking forward to hearing from you and we hope to see you at BAM11!