Monthly Ranking Battles

Tournaments, casual games, tips and training – CouchWarriors Ranking Battles are a day long fighters festival! Newcomers are welcome as well as tournament veterans.  This is the traditional CouchWarriors event since formation in 2006!

All rankings and results will be tallied at the end of the year. Come play or bring your own (BYO) setup. Enjoy some casuals or get in some tournament practice at our events.


Every 3rd Saturday of the month: Melee + Traditionals Fighters Ranbat (e.g. SFV, MKX, GGXrd, DOA5, KOFXIV) Next: March 20, April 19

Every 4th Saturday of the month: Smash 4 + Rivals of Aether Next: March 27, April 26


Where: 6 Davies St Brunswick North

Cost: $10 Entry + Tournaments (Expected pot fee is $5 per tournament)

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The latest dates are on sidebar to the right and schedules are available in the Facebook Events.

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2017 Dates:
Past Ranbats
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Upcoming Ranbats
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Note: December Ranbat is still TBA.

There is a BYOC / Sticks policy for the event. Our friendly players will often loan a controller, but we ask you to please bring your own!  Also, while we have enough equipment to run the tournaments, bringing gear to set up for more casuals is appreciated.