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CouchWarriors is exceptionally proud to have partnered with WB Games AU and Mortal Kombat X in support of Battle Arena Melbourne 7.

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Presenting the first major tournament for MORTAL KOMBAT X, we previously announced three major features of the event:

– Two time World Champion, PERFECT LEGEND, appearing as a guest of BAM7,  and competing in the tournament and exhibitions.

$1,000 Pot Bonus to the Tournament adding to the pool generated by tournament entries. This will be split across the Top 8.

– Qualifiers for Mortal Kombat X Asia Championships with a flight to Bangkok for the top ANZ player, to compete in the top four of South East Asia Majors

Now, we reveal the amazing general prize offering for BAM7! Read more


CouchWarriors is proud to announce Battle Arena Melbourne 7 is an official qualifier for the inaugural MORTAL KOMBAT X™ ASIA PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015


The Top placing Australian or New Zealand player will receive a flight to Bangkok, Thailand, and Qualify directly into the top 4 of Mortal Kombat Asia Pacific Championships (MKAC), held at South East Asia Majors.  The winner of the SEAM event will be flown to Las Vegas to compete in Mortal Kombat X at EVO World Championships.

More details on the Mortal Kombat™ X Asia Pacific Championships, South East Asia Major and Qualifier registration can be found on the official site

Four qualifiers will be held in Singapore, Philippines, Australia and Thailand, to determine the final four Kombatants who will battle it out at South East Asia Major in Bangkok, Thailand, to decide who will be Asia Pacific’s Mortal Kombat™ X Champion for 2015.

Kombatants will stand to win a total of USD 10,000 worth of cash and prizes, including the first prize of a fully paid trip to attend Evolution 2015 in Las Vegas, USA.



More Mortal Kombat X Features and Prizes at BAM7

This prestigious prize is on top of the cash and prizes on offer at BAM7 for Mortal Kombat X. There is a $1,000 pot bonus to add to the cash prize generated by tournament entries, to be shared down the top 8 finishers.  MKX product prizes and merchandise including tshirts for MKX entrants from WB Games, all taking place in a themed MORTAL KOMBAT PIT play area.

Play the Two Time World Champion, Perfect Legend, a guest of BAM7

Carl White, aka Perfect Legend, champion Mortal Kombat player who won EVO World Championships in 20011 and 2012 back to back, is appearing at Battle Arena Melbourne 7 to compete, meet Australian players, and challenge all comers. (Note, Perfect Legend is not eligible for the Asia Championships trip but will be participating in the tournament)