CouchWarriors July Ranbat/OHN Qualifier Results – July 23th


Hi guys the July CouchWarriors ranbat for traditional fighters went down last weekend – and also served as the official OHN14 qualifer for Victoria! Here’s a summary of the top 3 players along with some of the photos from the day.

July 23th Ranbat Results

Street Fighter V
1) DS_ZGnoud
2) Burnoutfighter
3) Zed

Top 3 for SF5: (left to right) Burnout, Zgnoud and Zed.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
1) Nuovo | S.D
2) DonB
3) Glacial | Noxus

Top 3 for SSBM: (left to right) DonB, S.D. and Noxus.
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
1) Feri
2) Julian
3) Javi

Top 3 for GGXrd: (left to right) Julian, Feri and Javi.
Dead or Alive 5: LR
1) Ebabil
2) Berzerk
3) juankhat

Top 3 for GGXrd: (left to right) Berzerk, Ebabil and juankhat

You can check out the full SmashGG brackets and standings from the July ranbat/OHN qualifier here.

If you’re a fan of Smash WiiU and Rivals of Aether be sure to attend our Ranbat this Saturday- July 30!


CouchWarriors July Ranbats – 23th (OHN14 Qualifier) and 30th

CouchWarriors ranbats are back in July –  the traditional fighters + Melee ranbat on the 23rd of July will serve as the official Qualifier in Melbourne for the Ozhadou Nationals 14 in Sydney August 26-28!  Place in your respective games and receive seeding points to ease your journey into the top 8 brackets at OHN14. And we have the Smash 4 + Rivals of Aether July Ranbat on the 30th of July.

Be sure to check which weekend coincides with the games that you play:

Dates: Saturday 23th and 30th of July
Time: 10:00am – late
Location: 6 Davies St, Brunswick North, VIC 3056
Entry Fee: $10 plus tournaments

Official event pages and pre-registration: 

CW Traditional Fighters+Melee July 23 Ranbat – Preregister by making a Smash.GG account and visit here to register.

CW Smash 4 June 30 Ranbat – Preregister by making a Smash.GG account and visit here to register.
royal stacks

We’re also very pleased to announce a partnership with Royal Stacks Brunswick– a joyous burger joint less than 300m (3min walk) from our ranbat venue on 6 Davies Street.

The good folks at Royal Stacks Brunswick (800 Sydney Road) will give any of our ranbat attendees 25% off their order – simply show them the CouchWarriors ranbat event page on your smartphone- and they will apply the discount to your order!

July ranbat big