BAM9 Full games list and registration is live!

The full game list for Battle Arena Melbourne 9, Melbourne’s annual fighting game major has now been released!

Main Games

BAM9 Games

Side Games


Note: SFV teams will be on Friday night, Pokemon style 3v3 format and have a 32 team cap.

And Pre-registration is now live at SmashGG.

(Pre-registration is $50 venue entry, pre-registration closes two weeks before the event and on the day entry will be $60.
Registration for Smash WiiU and Melee is pre-registration only. All other on-the-day registration for games must be done one hour before the game’s first pool starts.)

If you wish to join the event as a spectator, you are more than welcome! It’s only $20 for the entire weekend to take in the event.

Pre-registration now available for CouchWarriors Feb Ranbat/SFV launch tournament!


Hi guys, our February ranbat will also serve as an official launch tournament for Street Fighter V. We anticipate high demand and have chosen to hold this event at CQ Functions, the same location in the heart of the CBD which we use to host BAM.

Since we expect that around 200 players will attend this ranbat just for Smash Bros. alone, to avoid long queues on the day, get yourself into the bracket early, and to generally make life easier for your friendly neighbourhood tournament organiser you can register online with prepayments.

Pre-reg is open until Thursday February 18th. For all other details concerning this month’s ranbat, visit the official event page.