2015 Season of Fighting Game Events

Announcing the CouchWarriors schedule of events for 2015! We had a brilliant 2014 with fantastic ranking battle attendances each month, a gangbusters national event in BAM6. We also added Meet N Mash Friday weeklies in the city and hosted tournaments at events like CHAOZ, ANIMAGA and of course PAX AUSTRALIA.

We’re proud to be supporting the fighting game community and looking forward to a fun fighting game filled 2015! We hope to see you at one of these events to compete, learn to play or just have some great sets in your favourite games.


We can confirm the first SIX MONTHS of 2015 tournament dates have been booked, on a Saturday every month at our regular Brunswick hall venue just off Sydney road, next to convenient train and tram transport and plenty of parking.


Jan 24th – Facebook Event available here
Feb 21st
Mar 21st
Apr 18th
May 22,23,24: BAM7 (No Ranbat)
Jun 20th (Tentative)

Players can earn ranking points from participating in tournaments. See last year’s final rankings here

Prizes and medals! We’ll do the same this year. There may be prizes at some of the monthlies as well in addition to the pot prizes. Stay tuned.


Join us weekly for fighting game casuals in the Melbourne CBD, at MoeMall Hobby Shop in Bourke St (Near McDonalds)
Find the schedule and info here and watch the CouchWarriors facebook page for regular invites


The fortnightly casuals event CCH continues every second Saturday at Collingwood Library in Abbotsford
Find the schedule and more info here


The Melbourne community major event, and one of Australia’s main National tournaments, BAM returns. It will once again
be at the CQ Functions Room on Queen and Collins st, Melbourne. We’ve got big plans to entertain the whole community, plus it’s a big year for fighters
with new releases.
For a refresh on some of the great things that happened at last year’s BAM, check out:
Six Reasons You Can’t Miss BAM6
BAM6 Media Wrapup
BAM6 Results and Awards

Community help and volunteering:

We’re all volunteers and always appreciate help from people who want to contribute, which in turn helps the whole community. Want to take part and help keep these great events running?

Volunteers are always welcome and needed, from an extra pair of hands transporting or unpacking gear at ranking battles to running brackets and spreading the word
about each event.

Just bringing your friends to play your favourite game is a big help!

CouchWarriors Committee and Roles:

As a not for profit community organisation, we have a committee and elected official positions. We would like to announce the 2015 officer positions, and some highlight community roles.

Officer positions:
Rory Betteridge
Michael “Javi” Thai
Daniel “Berzerk” Chlebowczyk

Further community heads are to be announced as part of the Ranking Battle and BAM organising team. First, we are pleased to announce our head TO for BAM

Battle Arena Melbourne Head Tournament Organiser:
Daniel “Spoony” Finegan

Look forward to more announcements and community initiatives. To enquire about events, community support, volunteering, or sponsorship of BAM and other events, please contact:

Web: CouchWarriors.org
Email: [email protected]

CouchWarriors at PAX AUSTRALIA: Fighting Game Tournaments

pax_australia_logo1It’s the biggest gaming event of the year – and CouchWarriors is proud to be providing the Fighting Game Tournaments services for PAX Australia this coming weekend!

In the Console Tournament area we will have a full suite of consoles set with a library of fighters to play. Join us for one of the many tournaments each day, or come by and practice. We’ll even be providing time for Learn To Play, so if you want to dip your toes into the playing fighters at their best – side by side with other people – now’s your chance.

Tournaments! We have a small set rotating roster of excellent tournament games to play, plus a range of additional games to play in casuals. With some games being played in tournaments more than once over the weekend, we’re looking forward to a Best of the Best playoff each day and Sunday.

You can also challenge your friends with our friendly Winners Stays – Limit of 3 Wins rules for all games.

You can view the Tournament Schedule Here


Plus! Panel! Don’t forget there will be an Australian Fighting Game community panel at PAX, hosted by New Game Plus and featuring panelists from across the scene

Super Ultra Fighting Game Community Panel EX

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