Stuff Yo’ Couch Episode 3 – February Ranbat/SFV Launch Tourney

Hi guys, Episode 3 of Stuff Yo’ Couch is up!

Filmed at our very successful Feb Ranbat/SFV launch tourney at the CQ hotel, in this episode we look at some behind-the-scenes action and what people think of SFV – and we also interview the new president of CouchWarriors: Daniel “Spoony” Finegan and the Treasurer Michael “Javi” Thai.

Check out the results for the ranbat here:

Hope you guys enjoy the episode, and see you at the March ranbat tomorrow!

CouchWarriors March Ranbat- Traditional Fighters/Melee: March 19 
CouchWarriors March Ranbat- Smash 4 and Rivals of Aether: March 26

Pre-registration now available for CouchWarriors Feb Ranbat/SFV launch tournament!


Hi guys, our February ranbat will also serve as an official launch tournament for Street Fighter V. We anticipate high demand and have chosen to hold this event at CQ Functions, the same location in the heart of the CBD which we use to host BAM.

Since we expect that around 200 players will attend this ranbat just for Smash Bros. alone, to avoid long queues on the day, get yourself into the bracket early, and to generally make life easier for your friendly neighbourhood tournament organiser you can register online with prepayments.

Pre-reg is open until Thursday February 18th. For all other details concerning this month’s ranbat, visit the official event page.