OHN14 Early Bird registration closes this month!


Just a reminder that Ozhadou Nationals (OHN14) – the longest running FGC major in Australia – is just a month away.

Our Ozhadou friends in Sydney are running it, and the early bird registration along with T-shirt orders for OHN closes this month – so we recommend you jump on rego now to save some money!

OHN14 is also an official Ranking Event for Capcom Pro Tour(CPT) Asia 2016, and runs on the 26-28 August at the The Menzies Hotel, Sydney. To register and to find more information visit ohn.ozhadou.net !

Community: The Australian FGC Ep 10 Pt 1: Youssef “FaYd” Faddoul and David “Kyokugen” Lee

Dusty Cartridge has shut down, RIP DC! But the show must go on…

This episode filmed at Sydney major OHN12 features two pillars of the Sydney FGC. You have Youssef “FaYd” Faddoul, a huge community driver of Tekken and a former SBO competitor, and David “Kyokugen” Lee who is pushing the Sydney KOF and ST scene forward. Both guys are key organisers of the Sydney monthly YSB and put in huge amounts of work at events like OHN12.

Youssef and Kyo are two sides of a coin personality wise. David is the more reserved and shy one, whereas Youssef is the opinionated, loud-mouthed bundle of energy – yet they’re both just as lovable in their own way and represent the exact same heart and passion when it comes to supporting our community. In Part 1 of this episode we discuss their origins, OHN, Melbourne vs Sydney and an intimate encounter with a certain Mr. Umehara.

Hope you guys enjoy the episode and come to our next major: Southern Cross Championship at Adelaide, December 6-7!