BAM Path To EVO: How to Qualify for finals

BAM Path to EVO confirms finals format will bring four top players from around ANZ to BAM11. The ultimate winner goes on to EVO World Championships.

Today, we’re announcing the finals format for the live streamed esports circuit, BAM Path To EVO, and how players can represent their region in a fight to become the best in Australia and New Zealand. Competitors in Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate can journey from local heroes to recognition at BAM as the best player in ANZ. Then, each champion will represent the ANZ region at EVO, the world’s biggest fighting game tournament.Click through for full size


Earning points at each event in BAM Path To EVO will count towards gaining top spot in each region by end of April. We’ll be bring players across the fighting game community together, from Victoria, NSW, Queensland, and New Zealand.

Just join the events and you’ll be ranked. VIC and QLD events are run by CouchWarriors, NSW events will be run by Ozhadou and NZ by Standing Fierce.

Bonus online tournaments also add to your points.

Each region’s #1 seed will receive flights and an invitation to play off at BAM11, on May 17-19, 2019, at the Melbourne Convention Centre.


Points are tallied on the shared leaderboard at


At BAM11, there will be a Qualifying bracket to seed the four regions and a fifth player from a Last Chance Online Qualifier. These 5 will play for position on BAM Friday. Then, the top 3 seeds from this qualifier will go into a 4 player Championship bracket on BAM Sunday. Retaining the prestige of a top placing in the main BAM tournament itself, the highest ranked player from the BAM11 tournament will take top seed, completing the Championship bracket. This special finals will play out to find the best player in ANZ.


That player will once again travel to Las Vegas, USA, to participate in the EVO World Championships!

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Let’s break down how it works. Here’s the infographic, followed by further detail in text below. (Click for larger version)

The points will matter for players from all four regions:

  • #1 Ranked player from each of the four regions will be provided travel to BAM and invitation to the Qualifying Bracket.


  • Points season wraps at the end of April, ahead of the main event at BAM11, May 17-19 at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.


  • There will be an online Last Chance Qualifier after points close. An 8 player invitational. 2nd and 3rd Place from each region will be invited. One winner joins the Friday Qualifier at BAM.  


  • BAM Path to EVO season continues at events in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand. Players earn points at monthly events in each state to qualify. Interstate and trans tasman rivalries will be ignited as fans can get behind their local champions.
  • 2019 BAM Path To EVO games are Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate



The big steps on the path:

  1. Earn Points at your local events and online BAM Path To EVO events
  2. Top points from the four regions invited to BAM11. These four players, plus one player from a Last Chance Online Qualifier are placed in a Seeding Bracket
  3. BAM Main Tournament top ANZ Player and Top Seeded players go to a Championship Bracket
  4. Championship Bracket Winner crowned best in ANZ and sent to EVO World Championships.


Who goes into the Championship Bracket?


  • BAM Main Tournament Top ANZ Finisher. Winners Bracket .
  • BAM Path Seeding Tournament Winner. Winners Bracket.
  • BAM Path Seeding 2nd Place. Losers Bracket.
  • BAM Path Seeding 3rd Place. Losers Bracket.


The two top seeds have two “lives”. The bracket will play off:


  • #1 Seed plays #2. – Winners Final
  • Winner > Grand Final.  
  • Loser > Loser’s Final
  • #3 Seed plays #2 – Elimination Final
  • Winner > Loser’s Final
  • Loser Eliminated
  • Losers Final
  • Winner > Grand Final
  • Loser Eliminated
  • Grand Final
  • Player from Winner’s Final retains 1 life
  • Player from Loser’s final must win two sets
  • Winner claims title as best player in Australia and New Zealand, and a trip to EVO!



Where to watch

We are excited to expand the ways to qualify as the best ANZ player. This Path aims to recognise the ongoing skill of players through the points system, driving interest in each region’s local events to encourage local scenes to grow. With the seeding event consisting of regional winners, we’re looking forward to fans cheering their local champions, bringing some interstate rivalries back into the story of each scene. At the same time,  the Championship bracket maintains the importance of placing well in the main BAM tournament, against the top competition, often including international talent.