We’re pleased to have the support of POWERA who have a massive range of controllers, cases and accessories.  This year PowerA is pumping up the prize pool for our Nintendo Switch titles,  Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Splatoon 3.

See the whole range at

There are 10 Prize bundles of Switch Controllers + Nintendo Switch Cases to win.

The Prize categories

  • Top 4 – Super Smash Bros Ultimate Singles: Controller + Case (Player choice where available)
  • Winning team (x2) – Super Smash Bros Ultimate Doubles: x2 Controller + x2 Sweet Friends Cases (1 each)
  • Winning Team (x4) – Splatoon 3: x4 Controller + Kirby Protect Case (1 each member of team)

The Prize List – 

Switch controllers (1 of each)

Pokemon Sweet Friends Controller | Master Sword Attack Controller

Heroic Link Controller | Valiant Link Controller

Fireball Mario Controller | Mario Pop Art Controller

Mario Kart Controller | Power-Up Mario Controller

Toon Link Nano Controller | Hyrule Defender Controller

Switch Cases

Sweet Friends Case x2 | Master Sword Defense Case x1

Link vs. Lynel Case x1 | Kirby Case x6


Prize Images