Battle Arena Melbourne 2014 Results and Awards


SSFIV:AE2012  Qualifier for SEAM

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1. SL|Sol (VIC)
2. DB|ToXY (VIC)
3. DB|Carnage (VIC)
4. Heavy Weapons (VIC)
5. Shang Tsung (NSW)
5. DB|Somniac (VIC)
7. SL|Justice (VIC)
7. SL|ZG (VIC)

UMVC3 Qualifier for SEAM

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1. TRP|Baxter (QLD)
2. DB|Somniac (VIC)
3. FKNBun (VIC)
4. Low Blow (QLD)
5. DB|ToXY (VIC)
5. CFGL | MAGNUM | Infinity (ACT)
7. SL|X (VIC)
7. Naked Jake (VIC)

KOFXIII Qualifier for SEAM

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1. TRP|Baxter (QLD)
2. Falco (SA)
3. Alex K (NSW)
4. DB|ToXY (VIC)
5. A1Major (SA)
5. Reece204 (SA)
7. SL|Burnout (VIC)
7. SL|PyroZeroX (VIC)

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

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1. Myke (NSW)
2. AlexMD (VIC)
3. Chill (NSW)
4. CM (VIC)
5. Gab (VIC)
5. Berzerk! (VIC)
7. BOS|Maximum Abare (VIC)
7. THK (VIC)

New Challengers (SSF4AE)
Big thanks to all the competitors in the New Challengers AE tournament at #bam6. We had a great turnout of 22 players  who were not previously active in the community. The top 8 is as follows:, and check out the stick that went to first place with art thanks to Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz!

Twitch Archive: Watch the Finals!
1. Anzel (VIC)
2. Shoki (VIC)
3. Pikadan (VIC)
4. Annoderu (VIC)
5. Angry Granny (VIC)
5. Ashzu (VIC)
7. Stacy (VIC)
7. Noodle (VIC)


BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Qualifier for SEAM
2. Testi (QLD)
3. Lilio (VIC)
4. CM (VIC)
5. Tomo009 (VIC)
5. BOS|Max Abare (VIC)
7. CFGL|MAGNUM|Infinity (ACT)
7. JMan (SA)


Street Fighter III: Third Strike

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1. DB|ToXY (VIC)
2. Julian (VIC)
3. Falco (SA)
4. Alex C (VIC)
5. Parry Happy (VIC)
5. Genxa (NSW)
7. ZG (VIC)
7. Carnage (VIC)

Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate

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1. Tones (VIC)
2. Touko (VIC)
3. Ebabil (VIC)
4. rgbisdestructive (VIC)
5. GT|Borgie 2.0 (VIC)
5. Berzerk! (VIC)
7. GCF Dejan (QLD)
7. Greycreeze2345 (VIC)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Qualifier for SEAM

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1. Rame (VIC)
2. Dion (VIC)
3. Barry (VIC)
4. Aken (VIC)
5. BPG (VIC)
5. DHB (VIC)
7. JY (VIC)
7. dANiel (VIC)


Killer Instinct

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1. Darth Wishh (VIC)
2. Low Blow (QLD)
3. SL|Burnout (VIC)
4. SL|X (VIC)
5. StandingFierceDave (NZ)
5. Baxter (QLD)
7. Captain Fram (VIC)
7. RobDawgg (VIC)


Injustice: Gods Among Us

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1. n-megabytes (SA)
2. SFF|Gilbagz (NSW)
3. Pan1cmode (VIC)
5. Ebabil (VIC)
5. Falco (SA)
7. Disasterpiece (VIC)
7. SL|Burnout (VIC)


Project: M doubles:
1. S.D + Dekar
2. Redact + Mask1n
3. Tin + Jean
4. Max + Nido
5. Jei + Jamwa
5. Billy + Tak
7. Milton + Timic
7. Errol + Alex

Project:M singles:
1. S.D
2. Splice
3. Haikal
4. Nido
5. Atticus
5. Shaya
7. Redact
7. Hardpelicn

Melee doubles:
1. Redact + Dekar
2. S.D + Joey
3. Tak + Billy
4. Sebby + Jamwa

Melee singles:
1. Dekar
2. S.D
3. Redact
4. Skeletom
5. RedX
5. Atticus
7. Samuel L Blaxon
7. Sebby

Brawl doubles:
1. Tin + Jean
2. Attila + Splice
3. Jamwa + Sebby
4. Jei + Khoa

Brawl singles:
1. Shaya
2. Tin Man
3. Attila
4. Dean
5. Sebby
5. Luco
7. Jei
7. Jamwa


BAM6 Awards

One last bit of #BAM6 business: every year we strive to recognize members of the community that have lifted themselves to new levels, whether it be as players of Street Fighter or Marvel, or as pillars of the local fighting games community. To that end here are the Community Award winners for BAM6, as voted by BAM6 attendees.

SSF4AE 2012 – Most Improved: Justice (VIC)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3Most Improved: Bunn (VIC)

King Of Fighters 13 – Most Improved: Flying Dutchman (Kim, QLD)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2Most Improved: Rame (VIC)

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown – Most Improved: Maximum Abare (Callum, VIC)

Dead Or Alive 5 UltimateMost Improved: Borgie 2.0 (VIC)

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike – Legend Award: Falco (SA)

Injustice Gods Among Us – Most Improved: Gilbagz (NSW)

Super Smash Bros. MeleeMost Improved: Sebby

Super Smash Bros. BrawlMost Improved: Dean

Smash Bros. Project M – Most Improved: Splice

Community Contribution Awards:

Attila Baranyay and Daniel ‘Spoony’ Finegan

These are awarded to those that put great and often unsung effort to the community, without whose work events like BAM would be impossible. These awards are voted on by the CW committee and by the players themselves. Attila stood up as a member of the Smash Bros. scene, pushing for greater ties between Smash players and CW, and brought the greatest turnout of Smash players in BAM history. Spoony’s long-term contribution behind the scenes at BAM and other Melbourne FGC events in the past few years has made this award a long time coming.