#BAMThrowback – Remembering Our Best Moments

2020 was meant to be an incredible year for our FGC, and specifically for Battle Arena Melbourne. BAM12 had an impressive list of World Tour tournaments to draw top internationals, great sponsors, the CouchWarriors League finale and increasing momentum from years of successful “big BAMs” at the MEC, ready to break all records and make news worldwide. The event is only postponed, not cancelled, so we can still look forward to our annual calendar highlight. But it’s painful to be set back after so much hard work, by a force well outside anybody’s control.

With the originally planned event dates coming and going last weekend, it would have been easy to get sucked into further disappointment. Instead, CouchWarriors took the chance to launch the #BAMThrowback hashtag, asking our community to throw up their best memories and photos from years of BAM past.

The idea caught on with some of our crusty old veterans, and the responses show just how many great triumphs and upsets have rippled through Battle Arena Melbourne over the years.

This has been a great way to turn something difficult and disappointing into something positive, that reminds us what BAM is most important for – creating these great memories with our friends in the FGC. When things are finally confirmed for the new date of BAM12, we know we’ll make the most of it.

In the meantime, if you have a special memory or recording of BAM you think will give people a smile, post under the #BAMThrowback tag and share the love.