Cospendium SSBU League – May

The Smash scene has gradually adapted to the all-online tournament season of 2020, and now there are plenty of events being run each month to keep the community ticking. One big positive to come out of this is the number of heretofore undiscovered wi-fi warriors who are proving themselves as serious talent through these tournaments. We’re also seeing different orgs step up and help to support the scene, and that’s what has brought us this new tournament series from Cospendium and FGC powerhouse Kanga Esports.

Cospendium is a new-look convention organisation, hosting events for the gaming, cosplay and fandom communities in Melbourne. CouchWarriors have already partnered with Cospendium to run their live gaming arena at these events, and now Cospendium have furthered their support of the FGC by sponsoring online Smash Ultimate events. Kanga Esports are providing valuable admin assistance, and have enabled the creation of a full online league leading up to Cospendium 2021 in January!

Each monthly Smash Ultimate tournament will offer a cash prize as well as sponsor gear and weekend passes to Cospendium 2021. The final tournament at Cospendium has been announced to have a $4000 prize pool. Smashers looking to join this tournament series can join the league discord for more information.

These Cospendium League events are NOT part of CouchWarriors League. Nevertheless, we encourage all of our smash players to take their shot at the prize, and we hope to see many of you at Cospendium next year!


May Results

  1. Doctor A Ness
  2. TCL|SBF|Purple~H
  3. AMG|PillowTalk

The inaugural Cospendium League event attracted a massive 352 player field, with countless top PR players and dangerous wi-fi warriors making for a very tough environment. Kanga’s own decorated duo of Joshua “KANGA|Ghost” Francis and Andrew “KANGA|Shadrew” Isokangas found themselves facing off for elimination in Top 32 – a believable Grand Finals matchup for a lot of tournaments!

Part of the reason for this early teamkill was Shadrew getting sat down by one of the aforementioned wi-fi players: teenage Lucario specialist Chris “chizzL” Nguyen. chizzL has been racking up the results during this online-focused tournament season, and beating Shadrew was only the start of a huge run in this event, making it to 5th.

chizzL was far from the only player popping off though. Cooper “AMG|PillowTalk” Fitzpatrick had some unreal highlights, coming very close to a Grand Finals berth before falling to premiere European import Fabian “TCL|SBF|Purple~H” Fisler.

Purple~Haze then had to face the 800-pound gorilla in the room: Joseph “Doctor A Ness” Cresnik’s Donkey Kong. The Doctor had already humbled Purple~Haze in a 3-0 Winners Finals win, and it looked like a long road back for the German from the Losers side of Grand Finals. This proved to be the case, with Purple~Haze putting up a fight but ultimately going down 2-3 in the first set.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Cospendium League’s next event. With big prizes on the line and the region’s best players involved, it’s some of the strongest competition we’ll see until regular tournaments are back in force.