CouchWarriors 2016 End of Year Report

CouchWarriors AGM held at Brunswick Masonic Center, Sunday November 13, 2016

Attending Committee:

Darren Taing, Daniel Finegan (Spoony), Chee Seng Siow (Muttons), George Karakasidis, Aaron Borg (Borgie),  Javi, Daniel Chlebowczyk  (Berzerk), Sarah Morris, Emma Cameron, Anthony Albert Schweitzer Ducusin (Tones), David Lewis, Alex Scott, Will Smith, Lee Thomas Godwin (Light)

Apologies:  Jason O’Callahan, Kevin Kim (Burnout), Kris Staltare, Jack Gorman, Ignis, Rory Betteridge

New members: Emma Cameron


1: Introduction to attending CW Board:

2: Elections: committee positions

3: Financial Report

4: BAM8 (Battle Arena Melbourne)

5. 2016 CouchWarriors Ranbat Season

6: Outreach event

7. What the future holds?

8: THANK YOU to:

1: Introduction to attending CW Board:

  • Michael Thai “Javi”: Acting Treasurer, anime guy, pushing GG. Looks after bank accounts, signs off on expenditure. Drives van for BAM and CQ events.
  • Daniel Chlebowczyk “Berzerk”: Looks after 3D games (DOA) and VF. Previous president and always been doing PR and marketing. Works in game industries, passing on Sponsorship/PR manager role to Jason.
  • Sarah Morris: Smash TO. Does a lot of registration desk duty, ranking battle reports, “bouncer and stats”.
  • Emma Cameron: (New) Interested in learning more about the competitive FGC. AIE games programming studying. Graduate lawyer. Loves e-sports and sports, wants to see what we got.
  • Anthony Albert Schweitzer Ducusin “Tones”: Equipment manager, does stock takes and labelling and sorting. Makes sure things happen here, streamlines equipment and events and very interested in social media stuff.
  • David Lewis: Representing NGP+ a tv show that talks about video games and pop culture, long-time liaison with CW. Does trailers, stream stuff, graphics. NGP also looking at assisting with affiliation and sponsorship.
  • Darren Taing “Dreadtech”: Acting Vice-President. Head of all Smash, started volunteering for smash and started running the whole thing because everyone is too lazy. Main Smash GG liaison and chief Melee Guy.
  • Daniel Finegan “Spoony”: Acting President. Does a lot of SF stuff and is the main logistics/organisational guy behind ranbats and BAM. Usually ends up being BAM director. Handles scheduling, brackets, seedings, pre-registration. Also former secretary.
  • Chee Seng Siow “Muttons”: Runs CCH (fortnightly casuals FGC meetup), nags people a lot, produces lots of media pieces and does event posting/social media. Capcom TO and former secretary.
  • George Karakasidis: Take charge of convention stuff, helps out at events and CCH. Main Pokken TO. Former Moemall TO.
  • Aaron Borg “Borgie”: George’s right hand when it comes to convention stuff, DOA guy.
  • Alex Scott: Mostly Melee, helps Darren. Smash stuff, proactive on venue exploration. Great with marketing and strategy.
  • Lee Thomas Godwin: Known as “Light.” Started helping as TO in March with Smash 4. Works for Jack who works for Darren. Wants to be content manager for website.
  • Jack Gorman: Main Smash 4 TO and ranbat coordinator. Was in hospital so did not attend AGM. Ignis his main officer is not here. Runs Smash @ Swanston.

2. Elections: committee positions

President: Daniel Finegan “Spoony” (unanimous)

Vice President: Darren Taing “Dreadtech” (unanimous)

Treasurer: Michael Thai “Javi” (unanimous)

Secretary: Chee Seng Siow “Muttons” (unanimous) (Rory did not nominate this year)

Secretarial Understudy: Sarah Morris

Ranbat Coordinator: Sarah and Jack Gorman (Main Smash 4 TO)

Web Content Manager: Lee Thomas Godwin (Light)

Sponsorship/PR manager: Jason O’Callahan


General Committee:

  • Matthew Allsop “Ignis”
  • Gab Ferrada
  • Rory Betteridge
  • James Brewer “Brewtality”
  • George Karakasidis
  • Kris Staltare
  • Brendon Watson (Founder of CW)
  • Anthony Albert Schweitzer Ducusin “Tones”
  • Jason Lee Mustapic
  • Edison Phuc Nguyen
  • Kenneth Chan
  • Dom Hynes
  • Will Smith
  • Daniel Chlebowczyk
  • Kevin Burnout Kim
  • Attila Baranyay
  • Baraa Tebeileh
  • James Brewer “Brewtality”
  • Josh Southern “Jash”

For more information about CouchWarriors and to see our entire roster click here.

3. Financial Report

Overall in 2016, Couch Warriors has spent more money than we have received this year reducing our savings year-to-year. This is mainly due to all the assets we have invested into the community for it to grow.

Some examples of the gear that we have bought in 2016 for the community:

* All Smash 4 stream gear including a stream laptop

* All Melee with stream gear including a stream laptop

* Over 10 community monitors, 10 Wii Us, and additional PS4s

We are open to the public’s opinion on how to best spend money to help support and build the community & scene.

4. BAM8 (Battle Arena Melbourne) 8

  • Attendance: 800 in total 641 paying competitors
  • Concurrent Stream Viewers: >14,000
  • Total Stream Views: >130, 000
  • CPT Ranking Event
  • Held at CQ Functions, 113 Queen St, Melbourne


Main Games
Super Smash Bros 4 Singles/Teams Super Smash Bros Melee Singles/Teams Street Fighter V
Mortal Kombat X Ultra Street Fighter IV Guilty Gear Xrd
Dead or Alive 5 Blazblue: CPE Tekken 7
Side tournaments
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Free tournaments
Beyblade Pokken Tournament

For more information and results on BAM8 click here.

5. 2016 CouchWarriors Ranbat Season

  • February SFV Launch Ranbat at CQ attendance: 307
  • December End of Year Ranbat at CQ attendance: 257
  • Attendance: Average 210 people per monthly ranbat combining FGC+Melee ranbat and Smash 4 Ranbat.
  • Schedule: To remain the same in 2017, FGC+Melee ranbat on third Saturday of the month and Smash 4 on the fourth Saturday of the month.
  • Where: 6 Davies St, Brunswick.

For full 2016 CouchWarriors ranbat points and ranking click here.

6. Outreach events

  • Hosting Fighting Game section at PAX Aus all 3 days Nov 4-6
  • Running Video Gaming area at Animaga convention Aug 27-28
  • Hosting Fighting Game casuals and tournaments at OzcomicCon OCC Gaming area June 11-12
  • Ran Pokken Tournament at Pokemon Nationals in collaboration with NewGame+ and Nintendo Australia July 2-3
  • Supporting Over9k tournaments run by Chris Ho
  • Supporting community event “CCH” with social media marketing

7. What the future holds?

  • Big BAM 9 information coming soon (May 2017)
  • CouchWarriors Ten Year Anniversary!
  • More information on Ranbat End-of-Season prizes and monthly Ranbat door prizes/giveaways
  • More outreach and events especially to support new games coming out in 2017 like Tekken 7.

8. THANK YOU to:

  • New Game Plus
  • “Spidercarnage”
  • Andrew J. Walton
  • Duong Thieu Nguyen “ZGnoud”
  • Youssef Faddoul “FayD”
  • Steve from Namco Bamdai
  • Jason Lee Mustapic “Duon”
  • Yehya El-Liessy “Yehya”
  • Finn Jamieson “Haiku”
  • Charmaine Tan “Gossip girl”
  • Xavier Harding “Revax”
  • Matt “Danog” Joyce
  • Vincent  “Forte” Lim
  • David “Dekar” Moore
  • Dylan “SNC” Lake
  • Cailan Kingsbury
  • Azri Johari
  • Daniel Di Battista “DD”
  • Dean Eddy
  • Abi Ji
  • Dayne Crawley
  • Darcy Higgins
  • Kyle Jensen
  • Izzago Dearnaley
  • Kris Dabrowski
  • Alex Mitchell-Dawson
  • Josh Southern
  • Callum Diamond
  • Chris Ho
  • Harold Arquiza
  • David Lee “Kyokugen”
  • Tom Lee of Team Ninja
  • Bradley D-Yoshii Jolly
  • Steven Nguyen “Xarv”
  • Andrew Pettigrew “VITRIOL the Demonslayer”
  • PAX AUS team
  • Animaga team


A BIG THANK YOU to all our volunteers, helpers and friendly people! We love you and everything we do is not possible without your generosity and support.


Written by a scrub.