CouchWarriors December FINAL Ranbat results!

We had an amazing ranbat to cap off the year – thanks to the guys over at the Virtual Fighting Championship studio we were able to book both rooms at the CQ. (Essentially the entire BAM8 venue). We had 257 registered players, door prizes, medals and prizes for the ranking battle season winners, Virtual Reality fighting game tournaments, livestreams and games all night. Thanks to everybody for coming and click below for the full results!

December Ranbat SmashGG brackets:



Smash Wii U singles winners:

1st: Ghost
2nd: Extra
3rd: Eternal

Smash Wii U 2016 Ranking Battle points winners:
1st Ghost 56 points
2nd Extra 48 points
3rd Earl 45 points
Smash Wii U doubles winners:

1st: Extra/Duon
2nd: Haiku/InsertName71
3rd: Ignis/Swithi

Smash Brothers singles winners:
1st: Dekar (middle)
2nd: DonB (left)
3rd: Splice (right)
Smash Brothers Melee 2016 Ranking Battle points winners:
1st: S.D 64 points
2nd: DonB 56 points
3rd: Dekar 46 points
Smash Brothers Melee doubles winners:
1st Attikus/Dekar
2nd C$/S.D
3rd Sebby/Jamwa
Street Fighter V winners:
1st: Somniac (middle right)
2nd: ToXy (right)
3rd: Zedd (middle left)
Street Fighter V 2016 Ranking Battle points winners:
1st: Somniac 69 points(middle right)
2nd: ToXy 66 points (right)
3rd: Reepuplzorg 31 points (left)
Guilty Gear Xrd winners:
1st: Feri (middle)
2nd: FLAB (left)
3rd: CM (right)
Guilty Gear Xrd 2016 Ranking Battle points winners:

1st: Javi 40 points
2nd: Feri 34 points
3rd: FLAB 26 points

Dead or Alive 5 winners:
1st: Ebabil (middle)
2nd: Berzerk (left)
3rd: Greycreeze (right)
Dead or Alive 5 2016 Ranking Battle points winners:
1st: Ebabil 50 points
2nd: Greycreeze 46 points
3rd: Berzerk 44 points
MKX winners:

1st: Tana93 (middle)
2nd: Kdeee-10 (left)
3rd: Abi “Dabeast” (right)

MKX 2016 Ranking Battle points winners:

1st: Kdeee-10 42 points
2nd: Tana93 32 points
3rd: GooGie (TIE) Dabeast 26 points

Project M winners:
1st: Sora
2nd: Tyler
3rd: Star
Project M 2016 Ranking Battle points winners:
1st: Tyler 100 points
2nd: Splice 36 points
3rd: mask1n 34 points
King of Fighters XIV Singles (round robin) winner
1st: Sketch
Door Prize Winner: Havoc  havoc-rig500e-door-prize-winner
Virtua Fighting Game Championship winners
11AM tournament: Sarah Morris (middle right)
4PM tournament: LRG (middle)