CouchWarriors February 2018 Ranking Battle Results

February’s ranbats are in the books. 183 fighters competed across a variety of games who all competed to see who could be the best. The main event for this month was our first tournament for Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ much hyped new title “Dragon Ball FighterZ”.

View the full brackets on Smash GG for FGC + Melee here and Smash4/ROA here.

See below for the current year rankings to date.  Read on after the break for this month’s winners.


SF5 Points Tekken7 Points DOA5LR Points GGXrd Points
Syo  14  GoBack Brownman  16  CWBerzerk 18  Javi  20
Burnout 10  DaBeast  12  AlexMD  14  Ashxu  16
Rupps  10  Chandny  10  Ebabil  10  Tomo009  10
 Zed  10  Bboy Phoenix  8 Robdawg & Borgieman  6  Julian  6
Melee Points Sm4sh Points Dragon Ball FighterZ Points UNIST Points
 LGCDonB  12  VS.DS Extra  20  Tomo 10  Tomo9  16
 Dekar  10  MASH Duon  8  Burnout 8  Julian  10
 Skeleduck  10  EBS DD  8  DaBeast 6  Haiku  10
 Wibbless  8  Ignis  8  Tana93  4  Spoony  10
Injustice2 Points ProjectM Points
 Razaprime  10  Tyler  18
 Tana93  8  Dekar  12
 Kdeee-10  6  Bubby  10
 TungSucc  4  Fess & Microsoft J  10

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  1. Tomo
  2. Burnout
  3. Dabeast

Congratulations to Tomo009, Burnoutfighter and DaBeast for taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Videos of the Top 8 can be found here on CouchWarriors youtube

Guilty Gear XRD REV2

In keeping with the anime theme we move over to the anime mainstay of Guilty Gear. Congratulations go out to Javi for not only TOing the event but also managing to take first place, congratulations to Ashxu for second and Tomo009 for taking 3rd and his second top 3 spot of the day.

Tekken 7

Heading over to 3D Tekken 7 continues to run strong as a community favourite, bringing out intense compition from all who participated in King of Iron First Tournament as always. Congratulations to ChandNY for first, BboyPhoenix for Second and GoBack | Brownman for 3rd.


Continuing with the 3D theme, DOA5’s intensely passionate community put up another strong showing this month with some exciting matches, some of which can be viewed here. As always congratulations to the top 3 Berzerk, AlexMD and Borgieman.


To finish off our traditional FGC run down we turn to the eternal community mainstay Capcom with SFV. Big congratulations to everyone who competed, especially the top 3 Burnout (FT. the $1 water sign), Syo and Uncle Rupps.

Super Smash Bros Melee

Melee’s ever passionate community was also out in full force as always this month with fierce competition from all involved. Congratulations especially go out to the top 3 with Skeleduck, Fess and Saucy taking the podium spots.

Super Smash Bros 4

Last, but never least, this month we come to Super Smash Bros 4. This month was a particularly exciting one as Dark Sided’s very own Extra managed an incredible run all the way from round two losers to take out the entire event in an exciting grand finals match against Ignis to win the tournament. DefectiveDagger rounds out the top 3 and brings us to the close of another successful month!