CouchWarriors January 16th & 23rd Ranbat Results

CouchWarriors had it’s January Ranbat last weekend, once again split into two days on the 16th and the 23rd. Here are the full results!

CouchWarriors January Ranbat results

Smash 4:

1st: Attila
2nd: Boozer
3rd: Ignis
4th: Duon
t-5th: Earl
t-5th: Eternal
t-7th: Jei
t-7th: Tibs

Smash 4 Doubles:

1st: Duon + Extra
2nd: Dean + Boozer
3rd: Eternal + Drak
4th: Nicks + Earl
t-5th: Ignis + Astra
t-5th: Ledge + Deez
t-7th: Jei + Khoa
t-7th: Xettman + MAT2


1st: SD
2nd: DonB
3rd: Splice
4th: Toshi
t-5th: x5.Redact
t-5th: Azri
t-7th: Forte
t-7th: Matt G

Melee Doubles:

1st: Splice + Redact
2nd: Macky + DonB
3rd: OoZaru + DanB
4th: Matt G + Tyler
t-5th: Toshi + SheepGoBeep
t-5th: Dreadtech + CubT
t-7th: SD + HunnyBunny
t-7th: Forte + 9th

Project M:

1st: Tyler
2nd: Jamwa
3rd: Redact
4th: Splice
t-5th: Matt G
t-5th: Timic83
t-7th: Naga
t-7th: Rin


1st: Toxy
2nd: Carnage
3rd: Hoppa
4th: 619
t-5th: Burnout
t-5th: Zed
t-7th: Spoony
t-7th: Austerzone


1st: Googie
2nd: Ebabil
3rd: Burnout
4th: Dabeast
t-5th: Hazzies
t-5th: ZeroYiggs
t-7th: Lekiz
t-7th Ricky Ranger