CouchWarriors July 2018 Ranking Battle Results

The end of July sees the return of our monthly Ranking Battle events, with one slight change to the schedule. All of our Smash games are now being held under one roof, taking place on the 4th Saturday of each month alongside Rivals of Aether and Pokken!

Not only does our Smash scene benefit from joining together, this means our FGC RanBat will be packing in even more of your favourite games and events, with our TO’s hosting a free Tekken 3v3 tourney this month to start things off. If you are interested in running a bracket for any game for future events, please feel free to let us know and volunteer!

View the full brackets on Smash GG for FGC here and Smash Bros. + ROA here.

See below for the current year rankings to date. Read on after the break for this month’s winners.
(Smash + RoA results and RanBat points will be added after the event takes place)

SF5 Points Tekken 7 Points DOA5LR Points GGXrd Points
Somniac 38 Chand NY 40 Berzerk 32 Ashzu 48
Rupps 24 Lee Min Ho 32 AlexMD 32 Javi 36
syo 22 Aken 24 Ebabil 20 Feri 20
Burnoutfighter & Cadzow_ 18 Bboy Phoenix 20 ROBDAWGG619 14 Rindows & popo 12
DBFZ Points Sm4sh Points Melee Points Project M Points
DaBeast 20 Extra 58 Dekar 46 Tyler 52
Zed 16 Duon 28 Fess 34 Microsoft J 32
MajinBeng 14 Ignis 21 DonB 22 Dekar 23
TANA93 14 Ghost 20 Sora 16 Bubby 23
UNIST Points Injustice 2 Points ROA Points Pokken DX Points
Haiku 54 Zprime 28 OSU 32 AntWerp 48
Tomo009 36 Hazzles 25 SNC 26 Dan Dandy 28
Spoony 28 95leo 20 MAST 18 Sir Banana 24
Julian 19 GooGie 18 Neeson & Stutter 14 Techless 24


  1. Aken
  2. Lee Min Ho
  3. Mr Best Body

It was an exciting month for all our Tekken fans, with our singles bracket being the largest we’ve had for our RanBats and a total of 14 teams signing up for our 3v3 bracket. Congratulations to Aken on his first RanBat win for the year, earning the top spot in both singles and in his 3v3 team, Mishima Dojo, comprising of Aken, Lee Min Ho and Jy.

Guilty Gear XRD REV2

  1. Feri
  2. Marco
  3. ashzu

Feri takes his second RanBat win in a row, taking out Marco’s Zato in both Winner’s Semis and Grand Finals to earn himself the top spot. With a strong 3rd place finish, ashzu is still sitting comfortably at the top of our Ranking Points this month.

Street Fighter V

  1. Somniac
  2. ZG
  3. Cadzow_

Our Street Fighter V bracket was looking dark this month…Dark Sided that is! Dark Sided reps Somniac and ZG fought their way to the top, with Somniac taking the top spot again after double eliminating his fellow DS teammate in two 3-1 sets.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  1. Phero
  2. FknBun
  3. TANA93

Dragon Ball FighterZ saw some new names at the top this month, with TANA93 earning his first podium finish alongside Phero and FknBun to complete our top 3 finalists. July’s RanBat results does give us our 5th unique RanBat winner for the year, with no breakout player emerging in our RanBat points so far.

Under Night in-Birth Exe:Late[st]

  1. haiku
  2. Tomo009
  3. Forte

Haiku’s UNIST dominance continues this month, only dropping 1 game on his way to the gold. With 16 entrants this month, the most we’ve had at a RanBat so far, it’s good to see our FGC fans getting involved in our free brackets and picking up a new game.

Injustice 2

  1. 95leo
  2. kdee-10
  3. Hazzles

Injustice 2 returned to our RanBats with some tight competition, with game 5 sets in both Winners Finals and Losers Finals of our bracket! Special mention to kdee-10 this month for his second place finish after being knocked into losers round 1.

Smash 4

  1. DefectiveDagger
  2. Extra
  3. Ignis

Extra is defeated and DefectiveDagger takes his first RanBat win for the year! The young Bowser main has only improved over time, with this RanBat producing his best wins for the year and earning him the #4 ranking on the latest Duon40. Double eliminating Extra over three separate game 5 sets is quite a feat, and we can only hope to see some more fierce competition next month.


  1. Dekar
  2. DonB
  3. Sora

Dekar is back on top again in our biggest Melee RanBat for the year, with 50 of our dedicated players showing up for some tournament action. With numbers high and bracket full of the best Victoria has to offer, we were grateful to have our stream extraordinaire Dom Hynes there to capture it all on Twitch! DonB definitely brought his best against Dekar in grand finals, earning the reset, but it wasn’t meant to be this time. With more Melee events on the horizon, there should be plenty to keep our Melee players hungry for more coming into August.

Project M

  1. Microsoft J
  2. Tyler
  3. Bubby

Project M was a full day feature, with bracket starting early in the morning and ending in the back half of the event. Friendlies galore were running whilst Microsoft J kept busy with Smash 4’s Round Robin pools and his Melee bracket, which netted him another top 8 placing with a 7th place finish. A win in Project M in some close sets against both Tyler’s Wolf and Snake to finish off the day would have been enough to keep him in good fortunes, with the announcement of Microsoft J joining Osprey Gaming earlier last week the cherry on top for this RanBat.

Rivals of Aether

  1. SNC
  2. OSU
  3. MAST

An exciting month for our Rivals of Aether players, with our leading Ranking Battle Points player OSU triumphing over SNC in a close game 5 set in Winners Finals. Despite dropping into losers, it didn’t prevent SNC from besting our other players, running through his next 3 sets without dropping a game to take the gold.

Pokken DX

  1. Antwerp
  2. Techless
  3. Tomo009

Our Pokken players duked it out in a round robin tournament this month, with some pretty telling game counts. Each set played resulted in a 2-0 finish, and our July champion Antwerp left undefeated whilst playing a different character against each player he encountered.

Congratulations to all of our top 3 placing players!

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