CouchWarriors June 2018 Ranking Battle Results

CouchWarriors returned for more RanBat action in June, with players coming back refreshed after last months huge turnout at BAM10. Now halfway through the year, it’s time to look at the current points for each of our games.

View the full brackets on Smash GG for FGC + Melee here and Smash4 + ROA here.

See below for the current year rankings to date.  Read on after the break for this month’s winners.

SF5 Points Tekken7 Points DOA5LR Points GGXrd Points
Somniac 28 Chand NY 40 Berserk 32 Ashzu 42
Rupps 24 Lee Min Ho 24 AlexMD 32 Javi 34
syo 22 Brownman 17 Ebabil 20 Rindows 12
Burnoutfighter 18 DaBeast & Bboy Phoenix 16 ROBDAWGG619 14 popo 12
Melee Points Sm4sh Points Dragon Ball FighterZ Points UNIST Points
Dekar 36 Extra 50 DaBeast 20 Haiku 44
Fess 30 Duon 24 Zed 16 Tomo009 28
DonB 14 Ghost 20 Tomo009 12 Spoony 24
Microsoft J 14 Ignis 15 King & Issei & MajinBeng & Sketch 10 Julian 18
ROA Points Injustice2 Points Pokken DX Points ProjectM Points
OSU 24 Zprime 28 Antwerp 38 Tyler 44
SNC 16 Hazzles 19 DanDandy 28 Microsoft J 22
Neeson 14 GooGie 18 Sir Banana 24 Dekar 19
MAST & Stutter 12 Ctay 16 Techless 16 Bubby 17

Smash 4

  1. Extra
  2. Ghost
  3. Dr Omega

Extra continues to show us why he’s the Smash 4 champion, earning himself his 5th RanBat for the year after a terrific win at BAM. After being knocked out early in Winners top 32, Ghost earned himself a second place finish, winning 7 consecutive sets to make it to Grands. In his first top 8 finish at a RanBat for the year, Dr. Omega takes home third with some notable upsets over Duon and Yehya. Check out the final moments of Grand Finals here.


  1. Chand NY
  2. Lee Min Ho
  3. Aken

Chand NY continues his winning record at the RanBats, taking his 4th win for the year. Lee Min Ho and Aken both earn themselves another top 3 finish for the year, rounding out our top 3 for June.

Super Smash Bros Melee

  1. Sora
  2. JoJo
  3. Dekar

The Victorian Melee scene was in full force this month, with Sora and JoJo both placing in our top 2 in their first RanBat’s for the year. Whilst Sora has only recently moved to Victoria from New South Wales, JoJo comes to us all the way from the US! Always great to see players from different regions line up to fight our local talent. Dekar keeps himself at the top of our leaderboard at the end of June with a 3rd place finish.

Guilty Gear XRD REV2

  1. Feri
  2. ashzu
  3. popo

Guilty Gear returns this month, with Feri taking another first place finish after his victory at BAM. Congratulations to both ashzu and pop for their top 3 placements.

Project M

  1. Nido
  2. Microsoft J
  3. Tyler

A massive month for our dedicated Project M players, with 21 entrants battling it out for a top spot. Congratulations to Nido for his first win of the year, upsetting both Sora and Microsoft J in tight game 5 sets to take home the gold.

Street Fighter V

  1. Somniac
  2. Rupps
  3. Cazdow_

Street Fighter V this month saw Somniac return to the top spot in his second RanBat win for the year. With that win in hand, he rises to the top spot in our tightly contested Ranking Points, with second place finalist Rupps shortly behind him.

Under Night in-Birth Exe:Late[st]

  1. haiku
  2. CM
  3. Silent

Our final entry in our FGC roundup, haiku returns to the top spot this month for our UNIST bracket, with a game 5 set against CM in Grand Finals earning him the top spot. Our third place player this month, Silent, has kindly been substituted in this photo by everyone’s favourite Spoony.

Rivals of Aether

  1. SNC
  2. MAST
  3. OSU

Rivals of Aether saw some upsets this month, with ‘young gun’ MAST taking two notable wins over both OSU and BAM 10 champion Neeson to make his way to a second place finish. SNC stood in his way of earning the win this month though, proving his dominance from last year has not been entirely forgotten.

Pokken DX

  1. Sir Banana
  2. Antwerp
  3. DanDandy

Our last bracket for June, Pokken has had a small presence at our Smash 4 RanBats each month, with June seeing Sir Banana take his first RanBat win for the year.

Congratulations to all of our top 3 placing players!

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