CouchWarriors League Announced

CouchWarriors League Announced

National Fighting Game Esports League launched. Season one brings state champions together at BAM, Australia’s international finals

Australian esports events organisation, CouchWarriors, today announces a national points based league for fighting game tournaments. CouchWarriors League (CWL) is tying together monthly Ranking Battle tournaments across four states, with a special reward for top point scorers in each one of four feature titles. The state champions will be rewarded with a paid flight and entry to BAM, Australia’s international fighting game major.


The League Season tracks how players fare across “Ranbat” events in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The monthly events are each the focal point for the local community and a step into the esports tournament scene. The success of CouchWarriors local ranking battle events has seen an average of 150 attendees at each city’s gatherings every month

Visit the CouchWarriors League site to follow the latest rankings!

The feature titles awarding travel in the first season of CWL are Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Super Smash Bros Melee.  Regular online events will also give players across the country the opportunity to edge ahead on points.

We support a big range of tournament titles, which will also have results tracked, so you can see how you compare with your fellow players. 

Every month as events conclude you can follow the player rankings on a central points ladder. The ladder can be found at

Each event is live streamed and featured in Twitch.TV front page promotion in ANZ.

CouchWarriors League Season 1 2020

  • Season 1  Event period – January to end April, 2020
  • Feature Games:
    • Street Fighter V
    • Tekken 7
    • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Monthly Ranbat Schedule:
  • Points Count from January! – Participating events will have results recognised from the start of the year.
  • Double Points at Majors – CWL Points will apply to the following interstate Majors with DOUBLE points. Support your regional major!
  • Top points per game in each state get travel & entry to BAM12
    • We’ll reimburse your flight if coming from interstate and provide free venue
    • If you’re the Victorian winner, we’ll provide you the option for travel to our Brisbane major, Sunny Side Up!
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Read on for upcoming events and details on the points system

Upcoming Events

Keep an eye on the Events section on

Point System


1st – 10

2nd – 8

3rd – 6

4th – 4

5th – 2

5th – 2

7th – 1

7th – 1


1st – 5

2nd – 4

3rd – 3

4th – 2

5th – 1

5th – 1



How to join the series as a player


Simply join any of the events linked above. To help the team tally up your points and not miss any points, make sure you keep your name consistent on each event’s listing when you play!  Pre-registering always helps your local TO’s.


Season 2 will follow after BAM12, expected to run June to November, leading to CouchWarriors Crossup in December.