July Ranking Battle Results

A good time was had by all last Sunday the 13th, at the July CouchWarriors Ranbat.  Primarily a Smash event with players keen to practice ahead of this weekend’s ACL Sydney event which features Smash for the first time in many years, the Smashers turned out in force.

Two friendly tournaments and plenty of casual matches were also played for other games.

Here are the results!

Ultra Street Fighter 4

1. Berzerk!
2. DisasterFX
3. Tak
4. DD
5. CM
5. Robdawgg
7. Lance
7. Jason
9. Borgie
9. Seb
9. Callum
9. Dreadtech

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (Round Robin)

1. Tones
2. Borgie
3. Berzerk!
4. Jason
5. Robdawgg
6. Lance

SMASH results

Melee singles: 1. Dekar 2. Redact 3. Toshi 4. Splice

Project: M singles: 1. Dekar 2. Redact 3. Jei 4. Jamwa

Melee doubles: 1. Phoenix (Splice + Tak) 2. Milleniums Milleniums (Dekar + Jamwa) 3. The Ambassadors (Skeletom + Miles) 4. The Laurels (Toshi + Joey)

Full results: http://smashboards.com/threads/vic-2014-slhq-13th-july-masonic-hall-6-davies-st-brunswick-north.319062/page-69#post-17052166

GGs all.  We’ll definitely consider the venue again which turned out to be a very handy proximity to the city, spacious, and heated with plenty of public transport and parking.  Look forward to the next one!

In the meantime make sure you catch the regular Friday night weekly events at Moe Mall Meet N Mash in Melbourne CBD and casuals Saturday fortnights at CCH.

Coming up, CouchWarriors will be hosting the video game room at CHAOZ, and then it’s the next major, Shadowloo Showdown!