MoeMall Meet ‘N Mash : Friday 11th from 5:30pm

Thanks to the guys at MoeMall , CouchWarriors Inc will be hosting regular Friday night fighting game meetups for all your Melbourne FGC needs! With this we will be focusing on an awesome relaxed environment for casual play with various events running through the night. Here’s a few things you can expect from us:

All night long casual setups!
Now with 8 setups for all your playing needs and plenty of space for you to bring your own system and play whatever you want. Make sure to BYO sticks though guys! (Or beg / bribe people there) Even during events there will always be casual setups also free for use.

SF4 League!
Rank battles that will be stacked according to skill. Move up in the ladder and improve along side people around your level. Monthly resets means if you improve you will move up to a new tier! These will run from 7:30pm sharp.

Mystery fighting game tournament!
Every week will be a new game with a chance at salt and glory! We wont announce what it is until right before the event starts after signups! This will run after the SF4 league. I bet one will be Karnov’s Revenge. SF2 Anniversary Edtion? CE-Bipson best Bipson.

Live streamed venue!
A ‘main stage’ will be set up with a webcam overlooking it all that will be constantly streaming. Melbourne Fight Night Fridays Live!

Entry fee will be $10 for the whole night (and morning). No sign up fees for any event, so feel free to join in to whatever you feel like.

 Location: 422 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

Time & Date: Friday 11th July. Doors open 5:30pm. SF4 Ladder begins 7:30pm.

Link to the Facebook event page with further details and be found HERE.

Other Upcoming Events:

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