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Smash pools:

Melee Singles 1
Melee Singles 2
Melee Doubles
Smash 4 Singles
Smash 4 Doubles


For Ultra SFIV, MKX, UMVC3, KOFXIII, DOA5, VF, Skullgirls, KI, ST, GGX:


Brackets will be found over the weekend at:

Battle Arena Melbourne 2014 Results and Awards


SSFIV:AE2012  Qualifier for SEAM

Twitch archive: Watch the Finals!
1. SL|Sol (VIC)
2. DB|ToXY (VIC)
3. DB|Carnage (VIC)
4. Heavy Weapons (VIC)
5. Shang Tsung (NSW)
5. DB|Somniac (VIC)
7. SL|Justice (VIC)
7. SL|ZG (VIC)

UMVC3 Qualifier for SEAM

Twitch Archive: Watch the Finals!
1. TRP|Baxter (QLD)
2. DB|Somniac (VIC)
3. FKNBun (VIC)
4. Low Blow (QLD)
5. DB|ToXY (VIC)
5. CFGL | MAGNUM | Infinity (ACT)
7. SL|X (VIC)
7. Naked Jake (VIC)

KOFXIII Qualifier for SEAM

Twitch archive: Watch the Finals!
1. TRP|Baxter (QLD)
2. Falco (SA)
3. Alex K (NSW)
4. DB|ToXY (VIC)
5. A1Major (SA)
5. Reece204 (SA)
7. SL|Burnout (VIC)
7. SL|PyroZeroX (VIC)

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Twitch archive: Watch the Finals!
1. Myke (NSW)
2. AlexMD (VIC)
3. Chill (NSW)
4. CM (VIC)
5. Gab (VIC)
5. Berzerk! (VIC)
7. BOS|Maximum Abare (VIC)
7. THK (VIC)

New Challengers (SSF4AE)
Big thanks to all the competitors in the New Challengers AE tournament at #bam6. We had a great turnout of 22 players  who were not previously active in the community. The top 8 is as follows:, and check out the stick that went to first place with art thanks to Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz!

Twitch Archive: Watch the Finals!
1. Anzel (VIC)
2. Shoki (VIC)
3. Pikadan (VIC)
4. Annoderu (VIC)
5. Angry Granny (VIC)
5. Ashzu (VIC)
7. Stacy (VIC)
7. Noodle (VIC)


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CouchWarriors is proud to announce the BAM6 Qualifier results!

Our fellow interstate players have finished fighting for seeding points, and we at CouchWarriors Salute you!

New South Wales Qualifiers were held in Sydney by Ozhadou at their monthly York Street Battles event. Queensland Qualifiers were in Brisbane by Keep et Classy and ACT was held at Canberra Fighting Games League.  View the interstate qualifiers announcement post here.  The Victorian qualifiers were held in Melbourne by the CouchWarriors team.  Some pictures from the event can be found at the end of this post!

Read on for the results:

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