VIC January 2020 Smash Ranbat Results

CouchWarriors VIC Smash Ranbats for January 2020 were held on Saturday the 11th at Davies St in Brunswick. Here’s a summary of the results in every game and how the top matches played out. A complete listing of match results and brackets for each game can be viewed on here.

Results for Smash U count towards the standings for the BAM Path To EVO series for that game, which can be viewed here.

Smash Ultimate


2. Kanga|Jdizzle

3. R!OT|Duon

Though his qualities as a top player have never been in doubt, we had been waiting a while for Bradley “ATH|DD” Kun to make it to the top of the podium at ranbats. He did it in style, taking down doubles partner Jonathan “Kanga|Jdizzle” Douglas in a huge grand finals reset.

Smash Melee

1. DS|Sora

2. Kanga|Dekar

3. LGC|DonB

A clear pecking order was enforced this month, with very few upsets across the Top 16.

Ultimate Doubles

1. R!OT|Duon / Kanga|Jdizzle

2. B-2 / FURY|Zaki

3. DRGN|Corvid / P9

Jdizzle proved he didn’t need DD to extend his doubles streak at least, this time crushing it with Jason Lee “R!OT|Duon” Mustapic and eliminating DD in the process. We also saw a big result from rising star FURY|Zaki who made it into Grand Finals on winners side alongside Vincent “B-2” Nguyen.

Melee Doubles

1. FURY|Fess / BBB|prolificjuice

2. Kanga|Dekar / Oceanman

3. Emps / Postman Pat

Project M

1. rayquaza man 812

2. Kanga|Dekar

3. FURY|Fess

Pour one out for David “Kanga|Dekar” Moore, who was the bridesmaid here for the 3rd time in one ranbat. At least he’s consistent!

Rivals of Aether

1. SNC

2. OSU

3. Cafe?!|MAST

It was more of a contest than usual, but RoA mainstay SNC extended the longest ranbat winning streak in the land by one more month.

Congratulations to all of our top-placed competitors from January! You can find details of future ranbat events on the CouchWarriors Facebook page.