VIC November 2019 FGC Ranbat Results

CouchWarriors VIC FGC Ranbats for November 2019 were held on Saturday the 16th at Davies St in Brunswick. Here’s a summary of the results in every game and how the top matches played out. A complete listing of match results and brackets for each game can be viewed on here.

Results for SFV, MK11, Tekken 7, and Smash U count towards the standings for the BAM Path To EVO series for that game, which can be viewed here.


Street Fighter V

  2. Rupps
  3. syo

Christian “ORDER|ROF” Dedalija was the first of several defending ranbat champions from October to go back-to-back this month. ROF did take a detour through the Losers side of the bracket after an upset from Taylor “syo” Waugh, but bounced back to avenge the loss and then win two close Grand Final sets.

Tekken 7

  1. Chipzeeh
  2. LuckyBox
  3. AFriendlyTree

A big result for the Tekken points race this month, as Alex “Chipzeeh” Smith improved on last month’s second place finish to take the field down. In doing so, he leapfrogs almost the entire state of Queensland in the standings to reach the top 8!

Mortal Kombat 11

  1. DS|Waz
  2. Victrix|Castiel
  3. ODT|GooGie

This was another ranbat contested by some of the nation’s best, with the top 3 all hailing from different states. But Tasman “DS|Waz” Stoker could not be touched, as he continued preparations for the Interkontinental Kombat finals in Sweden at the end of the month.

DragonBall FighterZ

  1. KHFC|Nolbie
  2. KHFC|Agent17805
  3. Zed

The Kame House Fight Club took over another top 8 here. The unorthodox play of “Agent Numbers” wasn’t enough this month as Nolbie took him down in Winners Finals and finished the job when Agent bounced back for a rematch in Grands.

Samurai Shodown

  1. DS|Somniac
  2. Humzoid
  3. Tomo009

Darksided stalwart Xavier “Somniac” Nardella took out a second straight win in SamSho, setting himself up for what might become a dynasty in Vic ranbat competition.

Soul Calibur VI

  1. Florinxfox
  2. Glen
  3. JEL

Florinxfox was another of our back to back winners for October-November.

Dead or Alive 6

  1. CW|Berzerk
  2. Homu|Javi
  3. Morpher

Once again we had a committee-member showdown in the Grand Finals of DoA, and once again Dan “CW|Berzerk” Chlebowczyk came away the victor!

GGXrd Rev2

    1. ashxu
    2. arobius
    3. Homu|Javi


  1. Silent
  2. snek
  3. Morpher

Defending champion Silent and returning talent snek traded sets at the business end of the bracket, but it was Silent’s Byakuya which carried the day, giving us another back-to-back winner.


  1. Homu|Javi
  2. Arty Blazy
  3. JD

With previous scene dominator ragkyo returning to China, Homu|Javi was able to step up and claim the Victorian BBTAG title – going undefeated on the day.


Congratulations to all of our top-placed competitors from November! You can find details of future ranbat events on the CouchWarriors Facebook page.