VIC November 2019 Smash Ranbat Results

CouchWarriors VIC Smash Ranbats for November 2019 were held on Saturday the 23rd at Davies St in Brunswick. Here’s a summary of the results in every game and how the top matches played out. A complete listing of match results and brackets for each game can be viewed on here.

Results for Smash U count towards the standings for the BAM Path To EVO series for that game, which can be viewed here.

Smash Ultimate

1. GG|Ignis

2. Kanga|Jdizzle


A tough month for Jdizzle and DD as they were both trying to snag a few extra BAM Path to EVO points for what is currently a tight race for top spot. In the end, Ignis denied both of them to bring home a win for the GACHA GANG! Jdizzle is still clear on top of the standings though, and also took away high honours in the Victorian scene’s awards ceremony.

Smash Melee

1. Kanga|Dekar

2. FURY|Fess

3. OsP|Microsoft J

David “Kanga|Dekar” Moore crashed through the bracket to take this month’s Melee tournament. Without his nemesis from October, Joshua “MM|Joshman” Lyras, to spoil his weekend Dekar looked comfortable against nearly all his opposition, with only FURY’s Didier “Fess” Vincent giving him pause.

Ultimate Doubles

1. KANGA|Jdizzle / ATH|DD

2. DS|Extra / R!OT|DOME|Duon

3. FURY|RaZe / Alpal

Most of the podium was different this month, but the same champions stood atop it after all was said and done. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of flashy work being put in on stream…

Melee Doubles

1. MM|Cailiente / OsP Microsoft J

2. MM|Din / Royalty|Noxus

3. FURY|Fess / Ryzuul

Newly-elected CouchWarriors president Cailan “Mm|Cailiente” Kingsbury asserted his dominion here, taking out first place alongside Jordi “OsP|Microsoft J” Giannopoulos!

Project M

1. Ryzuul

2. Kanga|Dekar

3. rayquaza man 812

Props to Dekar for making second here after winning Melee, but Jacob “Ryzuul” Biziuk owned this tournament. In fact, his only lost game came in his first match against Amph – after that, he clean swept his way through the finals.

Rivals of Aether

1. S7|SNC

2. Konga

3. Ryzuul

Ryzuul showed up again to collect a third podium finish for this ranbat; very impressive. However SNC remains the unrivalled leader of RoA competition in the state.

Congratulations to all of our top-placed competitors from November! You can find details of future ranbat events on the CouchWarriors Facebook page.