Big Cheese 2 Major Results

The second edition of Big Cheese, the South Australian Major, was held over the weekend of December 6th-8th at Union House in Adelaide. Here’s a summary of the results in every game and how the top matches turned out. A complete listing of match results and brackets for each game can be viewed on here.

Results for Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11 and Smash Ultimate count towards the standings for the BAM Path To EVO series for those games, which can be viewed here.


Smash Ultimate

1. Kanga|Ghost

2. Joe

3. DS|Extra

The heavy Smash scene involvement made this the biggest event of the Major, as well as having double points at stake for the BAM Path To EVO. The top 8 was a who’s-who of Australia’s best Ultimate players, as befits a true interstate Major.

The stage seemed set for another chapter of the Josh “Kanga|Ghost” Francis and Nick “DS|Extra” Mckenzie rivalry, after the two clashed violently in winners finals. But we were denied the runback set in grand finals thanks to an upset from Joseph “Joe” McCormick, who himself made a terrific run through losers side to avenge his earlier loss to Extra. Hopefully Joe’s effort will be enough to attract sponsorship attention for this talented free agent!

Neither of them could touch Ghost on the day though, as he defended his hometown, proved the viability of Mii Brawler and leapfrogged up to 3rd in the BPTE rankings.


Smash Melee

1. DS|Spud

2. DS|Sora

3. Kanga|Dekar

Te Tuhi “DS|Spud” Kelly continued his absolute reign of terror over all Australasian Melee, carving through the bracket undefeated to pick up the win. Recent Dark Sided recruit Josh “Sora” Lyras also had a strong run to bring up an all-DS grand finals, but came away scratching his head.

Ultimate Doubles

1. ATH|DD / Kanga|Jdizzle

2. TCL|SBF|Purple~H / Mako|Day

3. R!OT|DOME|Duon / DS|Extra

The doubles competition was dominated by the VIC ranbat crew, with only visiting European phenom Fabian “TCL|SBF|Purple~H” Fisler and his partner Daewyn “Mako|Day” Harrison challenging their podium dominance. Credit to Bradley “ATH|DD” Kun’s mum for fixing up some excellent Athletico/Kanga hybrid jerseys for the event.

Ladies and gentlemen, your champions.


Melee Doubles

1. DS|Spud / ATH|Sock

2. DS|Sora / LGC|DonB

3. OSP|Microsoft J / Zhye

Spud could not even be dethroned in the doubles as he and partner Jacob “ATH|Sock” Waddell moved inexorably through the winners bracket. The dual foxes of Sora and Miles “LGC|DonB” Dobney made a fight of it, going down 2-3 in winners finals and even resetting the bracket in grands, but fell to a quick 0-3 in the last set.

Tekken 7

1. GRU|Stuckles

2. Cheapies

3. DookyT

NSW showed up big in the top placings for Tekken here in an impressive performance for that crew. However, even with the double points from a Major it will be tough for any of these players to feature in BAM Path To EVO considerations.


Mortal Kombat 11

1. ACup|Kevin

2. roadkill

3. Stormy

Another interesting result for the BAM Path To EVO here. Both Kevin and roadkill were sitting around the middle of the table prior to this event – the double point placings aren’t enough to propel them into the top echelon. But it does give them a big opportunity if they can follow up with a win at CWC!


Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2

1. Traviolly

2. EMO|Forte

3. Firery

Travis “Traviolly” Neale dealt a heavy defeat to the highly-favoured Vincent “EMO|Forte” Lim. Forte was able to force a grand finals reset after fighting his way back from an 0-3 loss to Traviolly in winners finals, but collapsed again in the final set. Firery was the crowdpleaser at the event, making multiple magic-pixel comebacks on the way to the podium.


BlazBlue: Central Fiction

1. 6B|Hutch

2. Giggles

3. Firery


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. CooCooChaChoo

2. NedJoe

3. Giggles



1. Ryzuul

2. Kanga|Dekar

3. Muscat

Jacob “Ryzuul” Biziuk upheld his self-proclaimed “#1 Project M AU” status with a clean victory over VIC ranbat rival Kanga|Dekar, but seemed more preoccupied with his main event results.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

1. DS|Falco

2. NedJoe

3. SA|Kaiza


That’s all the results out of Big Cheese 2! By all reports from those who visited Adelaide the city and its community put on an incredible event, so here’s looking forward to Big Cheese 3 – and congratulations to those who claimed bragging rights at this one.

Of course for those with the freedom to travel this is not the only Major for December – remember to check out CouchWarriors Crossup this weekend in Melbourne!