Tons to do at BAM10 on a Spectator Pass!

This year at BAM10, there’s more than ever for you to do, even if you only enter the event with a Spectator pass! It’s only $20 for the whole weekend available online or at the door. While only Competitor Passes can play in our hosted tournaments and casual areas, here is the list of fantastic activity on offer at BAM10.

1. See incredible matches first hand as competitors duke it out in the pools and on stage.

2. Play Preview Games Soul Calibur VI and EX Fighting Layer

3. Join in the fun at the Nintendo Play Area

4. Check out the amazing creators in the Artist Alley.

5. Witness the awesome Cosplay Competition

5. Play upcoming games in the Indiecade.

6. Interact with our booth vendors.

8. Play in the ITZ Gaming PC LAN area.