BAM6 Media Wrapup With Photos, Video, and Player Reports

img_0952Want to relive the fun of Battle Arena Melbourne 6?  Here is a collection of media, photo galleries, video specials and player reports.  See the full results with replay archives and community awards here, and visit our partners, sponsors and guests in our Acknowledgements post here.

Pre-Event News

ABC Technology & Games: Frag Reel Friday Preview

The Fourth Player Podcast Episode 42 with CouchWarriors guest host, Episode 43

Episode 44 – Live from BAM special

Stevivor + FB Post

Rocket Chainsaw + FB Post


Madman Cosplay

Pixel Hunt

Event Coverage

Full results post

OXGN.COM: BAM6: Enter As Foes, Leave As Friends

Good Game Esports News Segment and full article text

New Game Plus produced a half hour special with guest interviews, cosplay and included a lot of match footage: BAM6 News Report Video (great crowd reaction footage and images of the New Challengers winner):

Novede Blog with Photo gallery

Fourth Player Podcast live from BAM6

Photos and Galleries

Final Knockout Doco Photo Gallery

New Game Plus Photo Gallery (Dropbox)

Shadowlogic BAM6 Facebook Gallery

Novede Blog with Photo gallery


Final Knockout – Follow the development of this Documentary on the scene

Mick Gordon Ask me Anything Pt 2 Live from BAM (Twitch Archive)

Total KI (aka Total MK) Interviews Mick Gordon

TGEEKEND Interviews
Brendon Watson

Mick Gordon


Daniel Chlebowczyk

Player Reports

Aaron Costello (QLD TO, Host of ButtonSmash)

Kevin “Burnout” Kim

Baraa Tebeileh

Steve “PyroZeroX” Andreou

FreeStepDodge: DOA winner report and favourite moment VF5FS reports

Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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