CouchWarriors League: Winter 2023 Season Details

Our first CouchWarriors League circuit for 2023 concluded in epic fashion at Battle Arena Melbourne 13, crowning national champions for your favourite fighting games in front of a raucous crowd. But with the book now closed on that chapter of history, CWL competition is already building up a fresh head of steam!

It’s time for the Winter 2023 season, and now with the leaderboards wiped clean there’s a massive opportunity for new challengers to step up and make their names. Let’s quickly set the scene: what games are featured as major titles, which tournaments will earn you points to climb the CWL leaderboards, and what is it all leading up to come the end of the year!?


For our returning players, there’s not much new to grapple with about the Winter season – at least where it matters. CouchWarriors League will again feature Smash Ultimate, Street Fighter 6, Guilty Gear: Strive, and Tekken 7 as prize-supported titles. Prize support once again comes courtesy of MWave, whose sponsorship has become synonymous with the CWL over the last few years.

Players can join a number of open-entry events in their local scene (or online) to secure leaderboard points. The number of points on offer vary with the size and prestige of the event.

CouchWarriors League points per event table for Winter 2023 season

Each region has its own monthly ranbat events, and one game each month will be featured in a CWL Online bracket with the same prize as those offline ranbats. Interstate majors, like Big Cheese or CouchWarriors Crossup, are worth double the normal amount of points! All of these events offer points just for entering, and increased point rewards across the entire top 8.

We’re also set to resume and expand our partnerships with community-run weekly tournaments after some good feedback from last season. Individually, each weekly is only worth a fraction of a ranbat. But with more events on offer, the points add up quick – and since most of these tournaments are online, they become a valuable way to pull ahead of interstate rivals.

If you’re a TO for a weekly tournament series and would like to discuss becoming part of CouchWarriors League, send an email or get in touch with admins via the CouchWarriors discord.


CWL competition gives every player a path towards competing at the highest level, against the very best in the country.

This Winter 2023 season of CouchWarriors League will run for the rest of the calendar year, wrapping up before christmas. The players who rack up the most leaderboard points for each feature title in that period will receive special prizes – although we’ll still be holding a final bracket for each game to crown our season champions in the most satisfying way!

If you want to know when CWL ranking tournaments will be happening near you, make sure to check our front page each month when we post our event calendar updates. You can find the details for upcoming Majors and online events here too, in our sidebar. All event registration is handled through, while updated leaderboards for each game are visible at

Streams of many ranking events are available through various channels on or other livestreaming services. The main CWL broadcast channels are couchwarriors, couchwarriorssmash, and KPKaiza.

Whether you prefer lurking in the chat or showing up at ranbat, we hope you all have a blast with this next season of CouchWarriors League!