BAM13 Gets BIGGER: New Events & New Threads

After putting the FGC on notice last month with our official #BAM13 announcement, CouchWarriors have brought more fuel for the hype train with the reveal of much-loved team events, more tournament support for anime fighters, and our boppin’ commemorative shirt design:

The official, Cowboy-Bebop-Inspired BAM13 shirt design.

We’re calling it a “Tank!” top.

This stylish bit of gear will be available to buy as an add-on when you book your #BAM13 weekend pass (early birds who registered before now can edit their existing order to include the shirt). That’s one more reason to grab your weekend pass to Australia’s homegrown Major – but it’s not the only one we’ve announced this month.


B.A.M = Battle Alongside Mates

Battle Arena Melbourne will once again be the biggest FGC event on the continent for this year, and that includes the biggest roster of games and tournaments! One ever-popular subset of side-events are the team and crew battles, which let our entrants represent their home state (or just their best mates) in a competitive bracket.

We’ve felt the hype for these team tournaments and so for BAM13 we’re putting on a ton of them across all your favorite games. Be sure to take your time browsing the events list during registration, too; we’ll be adding even more tournaments as the fateful date draws nearer…


 More Game, More Life

The anime fighting game fandom is an irreplaceable part of our wider community, and we’re glad that Battle Arena Melbourne gets to show off a dizzying variety of anime fighters every year. BAM13 will be no different, and we’ve already confirmed a swathe of mainstay games for the tournament schedule.
Anime fighter tournaments at BAM13 will include Granblue, DNF, Under Night, BBTag and Persona Ultimax.
All of these games will enjoy official tournament support and prizing – and there’s many more still to come.

Of course, if you want to make certain that YOUR favourite niche game (anime or otherwise) has a place at BAM13, you’ll be able to register it as part of our Community Games schedule! Stand by for full details on how community game tournaments will work in our next announcement.

Tekken World Tour banner showing BAM13 as one of its Master Events

Right, that’s all the #BAM13 information we have to share – for now. We’ll keep ramping up the announcements as we get closer to June, but you don’t need to wait that long to book your place at Australia’s biggest FGC event!

Sign up as a player or specator today through, get yourself a sweet tee, and start your training early.

Or if you can’t wait that long for your big LAN fix, check out our three days of on-stage FGC action at DreamHack later this month! What can we say – it’s great to be back in Major season.