Queensland Ranbats Are Back In Business!

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, chances are that you’ve seen this notice posted somewhere:

Excerpt from a monthly schedule post explaining that the Queensland ranbats have been cancelled indefinitely.

It’s been a tough stretch for the north-most arm of our FGC since the initial loss of their ranbat venue in March 2022. Over a year has now passed since the last official CWQLD offline event.

But don’t worry, the end is now in sight: the Queensland Ranbat is now set to make a triumphant return before the end of the month!

This is huge news for every level of the local community. Top players will now be able to earn monthly CouchWarriors League points on their own home turf to keep up with interstate rivals. Stalwarts of the scene regain the opportunity to run sets with old friends and test their game against unknowns. And of course, those unknown players – who might be just now registering for the first time – get an addictive taste of friendly competition.

If you fall anywhere on that scale, then make sure you sign up to this month’s Queensland Ranbat on the 29th of April, in the Union Building at UQ’s St Lucia campus. Future months’ ranbats – barring another tragic act of god – will be linked in our usual schedule posts starting next month.